Dietary Customs of Buddhism

Dylan Sperry, A1 A3

Dietary customs

In the religion of Buddhism, there are no set dietary laws. However, there are many customs, traditions that the majority of Buddhists follow. The most popular traditions are vegetarianism, which can also turn into veganism. Buddhists believe that killing or harming animals is wrong. This leads to the tradition of veing a vegetarian, which involves eliminating the consumption of any type of meat or biproducts of animal slaughter. Veganism is also simmilar, but vegans do not eat any product that comes from an animal, including milk, cheese, and meat. Some branches do not believe in eating garlic, onion, chives, spring onion, and leek, because they are some of the 5 pungent spices.

Traditional Buddhist Meal


  • Yuba rolls
  • Sticky rice with Carrots, Shiitake mushrooms and Peanuts
Main course

  • Bamboo shoot, Mushroom, and Long Bean stir fry
  • Kenchinjiru soup

  • Sweet walnut soup
  • miracle cookies

  • Milk
  • Tea


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