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The Lift Project

The Lift Project is an evidence-based well-being program that uniquely brings together scientifically-proven strategies drawn from research in the fields of Neuroscience, Lifestyle Medicine, and Positive Psychology.

Presented by internationally recognized well-being expert, Dr. Darren Morton, The Lift Project experientially explores 7 well-being-enhancing topics over 7 weeks that are designed to give individuals, groups, and organizations a lift.

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Dr. Darren Morton

The Lift Project was developed by Darren Morton (PhD, FASLM), who is an internationally recognized wellbeing expert with special expertise in Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Morton is an award-winning educator and researcher and has developed wellbeing programs that are used in over 10 countries ( Darren is an Associate Professor and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine & Health Research Centre at Avondale University College. Click here to learn more about Dr. Darren Morton.

How it Works

You can choose your own self-paced educational adventure with The Lift Project, but the most popular approach is to take one lesson each week over 7 weeks beginning on October 3rd - November 18th.

The Lift Project is an individual program but is best when experienced alongside others – which makes it perfect for the workplace! We provide you with individual access to an online learning platform, but for deeper engagement; we encourage you to connect, share, and motivate each other.

Each lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete online. You will also gain access to The Lift Project Workbook which offers follow-up experiences, journaling prompts, and much more for each of the 7 lessons.

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Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Speak Positively - Your Limbo is listening

Say hello to your ‘Limbo’ (the nickname for your Limbic System), which is your ’emotional brain’ also in charge of motivation, memory, and many automatic bodily processes. Learn why and how you speak to yourself and others influences how you feel and how you can increase your speech positivity ratio.

Lesson 2: Motion Creates Emotion - Move Dynamically

You have millions of nerves distributed throughout your body called ‘proprioceptors’ that tell your Limbo how you are moving. Learn how to give your Limbo a lift by moving dynamically!

Lesson 3: Together Feels Better - Immerse Yourself in an Uplifting Physical & Social Environment

Happiness is socially contagious. Find out why in this lesson and what you can do about it.

Lesson 4: Feelings Follow Your Focus - Look to the Positive

Want to discover a simple technique for boosting your emotional well-being for the next 6 months? Learn how in this lesson as you discover ways to look to the positive in the past, present, and future.

Lesson 5: Food Fuels Your Mood - Eat Nutritiously

One of the most fascinating areas of current medical research has led to the discovery that your gut is your ‘second brain’. If you want to be happy, you need a happy gut and in this lesson, you discover the magic ingredient for making it so.

Lesson 6: Rest Well & Stress Less to Feel Your Best

Most people are sleep deprived and are suffering from it. In this lesson learn the cure for the three sleep-stealing culprits of our time as well as ways to establish a work-life balance.

Lesson 7: Giving is Living - Serve

You have a unique contribution to make, and doing it can fill your life in every way. Discover how in this lesson.

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Community Testimonials

“I’ve done other things, this is the best thing I have seen, the most accessible, the most in-depth but presented in such a simple way, I think it’s terrific. One thing I like about it, it’s body, mind, and spirit. It’s spiritual but it’s not at all religious. It responds to a lot of deep yearnings that I think everybody has. I am very impressed.” - Karen Keen, RN, UR Medicine Home Care

"The Lift Project helped remind me of the important things in life. The weekly lessons were sometimes challenging but always inspiring. It is said that life is what you make of it and I truly feel the Lift Project provided a wonderful outline for how to make the most out of life. I continue to see positive changes that are a result of my efforts to incorporate into my daily life the lessons from the Lift Project. I highly encourage everyone to give the Lift Project a try, because you never know when even the smallest effort could be the catalyst for big positive changes in your life." -Nancy Farrell, Public Defender, Ontario County

"The Lift project is the best wellness program Ontario County has provided for its employees. It is down-to-earth and simple to try. Anyone who signs up and starts the program will realize that it is well worth the time to finish it." -Cam Johnson, Director of Weights and Measures, Ontario County

"First and foremost, as a facilitator, The Lift Project made me step outside my comfort zone BIG TIME. I had never facilitated a group before. In the beginning, I was very nervous because I wanted my cohort to get what I did out of The Lift Project. It became easier each week to present the lessons. I always kept Dr. Morton’s quote in the back of my mind, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” I cannot put into words how rewarding this experience was. To see the members of my cohort gain valuable knowledge that improved their well-being brought it full circle for me. Seeing two members of my cohort want to facilitate the next session is both exciting and fulfilling. On the personal side, this program boosted my self-confidence, improved my overall well-being, taught me about mindfulness, and challenged me all at the same time. I benefitted and learned something new from each lesson. The Lift Project made me more aware of how I interact with others, and I make a conscious effort to LIFT others every day! Thank you for bringing this wonderful wellness program to Ontario County." -Tammy Hagadorn, Secretary, Ontario County

"The Lift Project has been an amazing experience for me in the short time that I have been involved in it. It has validated much of what I already knew and given me new information and skills to add to my overall wellness repertoire." - Cheryl Miller, Assistant Principal, Hendy Elementary

"The Lift Project is engaging and fun. It reminds you of practical ways to relieve stress and boost your mood. It helps LIFT your mood and boost overall wellness when you apply the lessons in your daily routines." -Jessica Janowsky, Trauma Informed Care Specialist, Elmira CSD

"Being a part of the Lift Project helped me reexamine some of the things I know and thought I knew. It allowed me to try new things that have helped me in my personal and professional relationships." - Michelle Thomas, 2nd Grade Teacher, Diven Elementary

"The LIFT Project will reshape the way you think about your health, well-being, and happiness. It offers simple and effective strategies that will improve your life and LIFT your spirit." -Heather Bachman, Genesee Valley BOCES

"The Lift Project is a well-organized online program for learning about various areas of our lives that can have a significant effect on the quality of our lives. There is an opportunity to reflect and think about what we could put into action. The information is based on research and shared in a manner that I believe can have a sustained positive impact. I highly recommend taking part in this project." - Kiki Seago, High School PE Teacher, Penn Yan Academy

"Great info, great teaching, time effective, and most importantly UPLIFTING...this program is a true game changer" - Rick Amundson, Smola Consulting

"The Lift Project provides powerful reminders to look for the positive and intentionally seek out experiences to improve our personal health. Backed by solid research, the project gave us weekly content and check-ins that were uplifting and purposeful. The weekly meetings gave a pleasant accountability. Having the ability to either read, watch, or listen to the information made it very approachable and I enjoyed the fun exchanges or supportive statements we would have when passing through the halls! I highly recommend The Lift Project!" - Edward Foote, Penn Yan Elementary Principal

"In my 12 years as a health and wellness professional, this is the first program I've found that is truly accessible to anyone regardless of age, fitness level or phase of life. You don't want to miss out on this uplifting and life-changing program" - Dan Justis, Smola Consulting

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