Also know as For get me nots

Here are some facts about the for get me nots.

The for get me nots takes up to 45 to 50 days to bloom,and it must have it least 8 inches to grow in. The color of the For get me nots are Blue,Purple,Pink,and White,and the For get me not is an annual plant wich means it lives for a year. The for get me not has petals,stamen,roots,and pistil. It is not a eating plant because it is a flower.

The Stages of a plant

The parts of a plant

Parts of a plant

1.Roots the roots give food and water to the plant.

2.Stem The stem helps get the food and water to the plant.

3.True leaves are the second set of leaves.

4.Seed leaves are the first leaves on a plant.

5.Petals help the rep rounding happen.

6.Stamen makes pollen for the flower.

7.Pistil helps the anther,were the pollen is produced.

What is Photosynthesis?


photosynthesis is were you take the Suns light then it is turned into energy.
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About my plant

My plant so far

Well My plant is not going as I thought it would I thought it would grow fast but it takes along time to grow so I think it's still germating.
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