goddess of Hearth & Home

By: Anne Elliott Taylor: HESTIA

Hestia's Personal Information

  • Hestia was the goddess of hearth, family, and domestic life.
  • Her name meant both a house and a hearth, meaning the home and it's residents.
  • She was Zeus's sister.
  • She started off being included with the Olympian gods, but she got replaced by Dionysus.
  • She made a promise to remain a virgin despite Poseidon and Apollo tempting her to.
  • She was almost raped by Priapus, but luckily a sound of a mule saved her.

Myths of Hestia

  1. The first myth: Hestia was the first born of Kronos and Rhea. She was swallowed by her father at birth. Then later her brother Zeus forced the Titan, their father Kronos, to spit her and their other siblings out. Although she was the first to be born, she was the last to be spit out. So she became known as the eldest and youngest of the six Kronides.
  2. The second myth: A drunk guy named Priapus once tried to violate her following a feast/ meal attended by the gods, after everyone had passed out from too much food, drinks and partying. But luckily for Hestia, a donkey squealed out loud and she awoke to find Priapus about to jump into her bed. Her screams sent the scared Priapus running off.

Pictures of Hestia

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The Legend of Hestia