Breaking Myths

GT Education


Many of the gifted individuals showed their giftedness at a very early age.

Giftedness can appear in any kind of skill or activity.

Many of the gifted individuals were self-motivated in their gifted area when they were given the freedom to explore.


Not all of the current gifted students go on to reach their possible potential as adults. I wonder why? Burn out? Pressure? Lack of interest or stimulation?

I wonder why it looked like some of these gifted individuals sped through their academic careers, but didn't have as spectacular careers afterwards.

I wonder if we are looking at as many girls as we are boys in gifted programs.

When children are gifted in non-academic areas, how can we challenge them in academic courses? Gifted in music/sports/art for example, and in my language arts class.


More choice. More student-driven units. I'm reading Role Reversal right now, and it's a great model for the gifted classroom. I'm hoping to implement as much as I can into my classroom this fall.