September 6, 2015


STALLION STAR - Will be our consistent means to deliver business items and news to staff. All staff members are expected to read the SS weekly to be updated on current news and needs of the building. Keeping up with the SS will be pertinent in reducing the number of staff meetings throughout the year and emails that are sent.

SUBMISSIONS TO THE STALLION STAR - Anyone is welcome to submit entries to our weekly staff newsletter. Please email any submission requests to Carlene by the Thursday before publishing.

BREAKFAST - At 7:50 AM, students will not be able to get in the breakfast line. As of right now, students in the cafeteria will not be released until 7:50.

READING CORRAL - PK kids will line up right outside the gym and will be picked up by a teacher at 7:45. Two kinder teachers will come to the Reading Corral to pick up kindergarten at 7:48 AM. First through sixth grade students in Reading Corral will be released by grade level at 7:50 -- students in grades 3-6 must take the front central stairway to get to class. Please direct them.

BREAKFAST POSTS - Will begin at 7:20 AM. We found that opening the doors for breakfast at 7:20 has helped tremendously with the morning process. For those who have posts in the cafeteria for breakfast, please arrive to your breakfast post at 7:20 until further notice. Your leave time at the end of the day can be 3:20 on days we do not have meetings. Thank you in advance for making the adjustment! Teachers, we DO/SHOULD NOT need to announce the 7:20 AM opening for breakfast to students or parents -- we have more than enough students who show up early for what they believe is the "7:30 opening".

7:49 POSTS -- All classroom teachers are to be at their doors at 7:49 greeting students and support staff should be at their hall posts monitoring hallways and student arrival. THANK YOU to everyone for being PRO-active! Your presence is supporting a good start of the day!

LUNCH -- For the grade levels who are using scan/code cards, please make sure you are passing out the cards BEFORE you reach the lunch line. Teachers in grades 3-6, as your kids get in the lunch line, go through and check which students know their numbers and which students do not. Place students who do NOT know their numbers at the end of the line -- ask Teresa for the grade level list, look up the student and number, and give the number out to the student. Just about ALL students should have their number now, with very little exceptions.

LUNCH/BREAKFAST MONEY -- Please ask students in the morning to turn in any money they may have for their accounts. The money should be placed in an envelope or baggie, clearly marked with student's name and grade. Having a procedure where snack baggies & sharpies are available to students to help themselves to place their money in them and label them without disturbing the teacher is a great idea! Thank you to those of you who implement this. Please send a responsible student to Teresa with the money. This will increase the efficiency of breakfast and lunch, THANK YOU!

DISMISSAL -- BE ATTENTIVE, BE ACTIVE, and BE ON TIME. This includes walkers as well as car riders. Thank you to all of the folks who stepped up their involvement in dismissal. We noticed many of you assisting with traffic and helping students get in cars. Every staff member should be either be actively monitoring the students OR actively involved with assisting with traffic. Be vigilant at encouraging cars to pull up or pull into the left lane if they need to pass or pick up little people! Let's work together to prevent the CLOGS! The faster the kids are gone, the faster we can be gone! :-) Please also pay attention to how others are contributing,,, in the case of someone being absent, we will need others to know what to do.

DAY CARE - If you receive any notice of Day Care changes, please notify Taressa ASAP. Kids going to day care need to have a card clearly stating the child's name, grade, and what day care he/she is going to.

KIDS AFTER SCHOOL -- If you have students who were not picked up at dismissal, they are to be brought to the office and signed in to the binder. Before leaving the student, TEACHERS MUST MAKE THE FIRST CALL to contact the parents. Please document on the sign in the result of the phone call (i.e. No Answer, On way-will be here in 5 minutes, etc.). Bringing your grade level phone would assist in expediting this process. Phone numbers can be acquired by asking the students themselves, checking the emergency cards behind the front desk, or if an emergency card does not exist, asking Virginia or Martha to pull up their file.


Several of our employees have benefited over the past couple of years from scholarships and professional development from the iProfes! Scholarship and Fellowship Program which serves to prepare teachers and administrators to better serve bilingual, ESL and STEM Classrooms. Please email Rachel if interested and she will send you the flyer.


Thank you for a smooth first week in the ACE Library.

Just a reminder, if you have students that are overflow, please make sure you keep their books in your room. We don’t want them to leave to go to another campus with our books! Thank you so much for all you do!


It is just the third week of school... please continue to implement team building activities into your week. We are seeing results in classrooms AND special areas who are being diligent.


A reminder that lesson plans are due on SWAP by the end of the week prior to teaching. If you have any problems, please communicate to your ILT representative prior to us notifying you.


Due Friday, September 11.


Reminder that Mondays are College Shirt days and Fridays are Spirit Shirt Days - jeans may be worn when wearing the appropriate shirt on these days. Uniform days are Wednesdays. Professional dress is expected otherwise.


As we complete the third week of school, please submit a hard copy of your classroom and/or grade level parent communication to Carlene-- this will be placed into your PDAS file to provide evidence of your consistent home communication expectations. This should have important information regarding your class, such as dates and notices, as well as information regarding current or upcoming curriculum. Any further evidence you may have regarding parent communication and would like to add are always welcome -- phone logs, important emails, etc. Just submit to Carlene.


As stated in our staff meeting, any calls to the office (administrator, liaison or other) to assist with a student will be followed up with an office referral form. The only exception will be for those students on a specific behavior plan, in which a different type of documentation will be utilized. Please read the following article as an awesome read for classroom management/discipline.

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  • Meet the Teacher -- Huge Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to Meet the Teacher Night! It was great to see teams working together and such detailed presentations. We especially appreciate those of you who represented even when you don't have a homeroom class -- you were noticed! Thank you to Taressa for your extra efforts with PTA and to Sarah Dye who did a last minute run to Target for ice cream! We had a very solid turnout. -- thank you for supporting the cause!
  • Breakfast - Big thanks to everyone who has helped out with the big charge of breakfast! And thank you to everyone for your PATIENCE as we work out the kinks! The process is beginning to flow very well. Thank you to Amy Sebastian for all your hard work and getting code cards attached to the younger grade level backpacks.
  • Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) - Several of you are not very familiar with our CIP, but just understand that it is a MAJOR expectation from our Board and district, plus it is quite the hefty document that must be updated at the beginning of every year. It can be quite an undertaking for the beginning of the year, and many people work together to relieve the stress from classroom/dept teachers. Thank you to our ILT, Special Ed, and ESL/BiL teams who assisted in completing our CIP. Big thanks to Joy Tribble for updating our CIP in the system! It truly takes a VILLAGE!

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  • Wednesday, September 9 -- Assemblies - K-3 @9:15 and 4-6 @ 1:45
  • Thursday, September 10 -- GLIMs during planning; Staff Meeting - PDAS - All professional staff
  • Friday, September 11 - End of first 3 weeks - Progress reports to failures only go home on Tuesday, 9/15; Sub Folders/Binders due; Parent communication home due, submit to Carlene
  • Thursday, September 17 -- GLIMs during planning; Staff Meeting
  • Thursday, September 24 -- GLIMs during planning; Staff Meeting
  • Thursday, October 1 -- ACE Carnival

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