Naima's Conference

created by Naima Sharif

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What's going on in school....

Math-Unit 8

Writing- Summarizing

Science- Oil Spills

ELA- Discovery Project

My favorite 5th grade feild trip so far is...

Detroit Mountain, the ski trip. Because it was my first time skiing on the bunny hill. Also on the bus we got to bring are electronic devices on the bus.

When i look over my work this year these are the things that i am doing well...

1. (Academic) I am doing well in math, Fractions because I work with my mom.

2.( Behavioral) Self control I respect others and staffs. I also don't interrupt in the middle of the class.

Some of my Besties!!!!

When i look over my work so far this year these are the things that i would like to improve ...

1. (Academic) I would like to improve my reading test scores.

2. (Behavioral) I need to not talk when I am bored. Or not talk when its not talking time.

One thing i am going to accomplish before the end of the school year is...

Getting straight A's on my report card. If not straight A's then B's and A's NO C's or D's or F's. Also working hard and staying on task. I will try to read hard books my level.
Thank you for coming hope you enjoyed it!!!