What's the Buzz?!?

8th Grade Parents

Dear 8th grade parents,

Chris and Julie Fuss have volunteered to make the 8th grade video this year that will be shown at the Graduation breakfast! However, we are looking for your help.

We would like to have each family upload a variety of pictures to the photo share link listed below. These pictures should include:

1. An infant picture

2. A pre-school picture

3. A First Communion picture

4. An 8th grade picture

5. Any group photos you may have of the current 8th grade students as they were growing up

Photo share: https://goo.gl/photos/NEDh5HEdvciYQFC66 Please click the “info” icon and enter your child’s name on each photo. (If you have paper photos, you can send them to school with your child and we will scan them and return them to you).

We need all the photos by April 22nd.

Each of you will get a copy of the DVD video at the graduation breakfast.

Thank you for your help in making this memory for our children!