By: Limairy Contreras

"Attention To All Interested In Becoming A Computer Game Designer!"

  • Education Required:

Advance Mathematics, such as analytic geometry, linear algebra, trigonometry, calculus. computer programming, writing and liberal arts classes are also important. Most colleges or Universities require SAT or ACT prior to admission.

  • Listings of The Top 10 Colleges & Universities

1.University of Southern California, Los Angeles

2. University of Utah, Salt Lake City
3. DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, Wash.
4. The Art Institute of Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C.
5. Michigan State University, East Lansing
6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass.
7. Drexel University, Philadelphia
8. Champlain College, Burlington, Vt.
9. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, N.Y.
10. Becker College, Worcester, Mass.

  • Job description:

A Computer Game Designer usually works under the direction of a lead designer and may be responsible for drawing a family of alien creatures for a new game, writing the stories for those creatures or giving practical input about how the game plays - determining whether or not it is actually fun to play! Because the nature of the job is usually collaborative, Computer Game Designers may be given a variety of tasks based on their individual talents or on what needs to be accomplished in any specific stage of game development.

  • Pay Scale:

  • Where Are Jobs Available:

    In Redmond with Microsoft