By: The Cardboard Constructors

Visit Lisgar Middle School's Grade 8 Cardboard Fair

Our school is hosting a cardboard fair that is showcasing different products constructed by the grade 8 IBT students in Lisgar Middle School. It is going to be a silent auction. For our product, all of our proceeds are going to be donated to Toys for Tots. For the rest of the groups, the proceeds are either going to be donated to Toys for Tots, Make A Wish Foundation, or Sick Kids.

Lisgar's IBT Cardboard Fair

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 5am-7pm

6755 Lisgar Drive

Mississauga, ON

Visit Lisgar's fair and witness various masterpieces constructed by different groups.

Cardboard Constructors

We are a group of three dedicated students at Lisgar Middle School who have created a cardboard masterpiece. We are donating all of our proceeds to Toys for Tots. Hoping that it will help someone in need and make a difference in their life.
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This padlet will allow you to place a bid for our product. Please try to be as professional as possible.

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