Mirrors are not just Mirrors

Types of Mirrors

Mirrors are not just Mirrors

Apart from the personal services a mirror renders to us, it also plays a vital role in different areas of the our homes, for example ; the bathroom, living room bedroom and other places where a mirror is being kept in this recent days. Believe it or not some people have mirrors in their kitchens balconies and of course on the ceiling, which is now a new trend. Hence a mirror is now becoming not only a home accessory, but part of the lifestyle of the home.

What Mirrors have become Today

Every class of people own a mirror , either rich or poor. It's more like a prerequisite for completely furnishing your home. As time goes by, the quality and styles of mirrors seem to have evolved , as some mirrors are designed in a way that makes them look like part of the home décor. Also the artistic innovations done with mirrors, are quite remarkable and can be taken to be a piece of art.

However, there are different types of mirrors that are placed in different spots in the house. Mirrors are wholely called mirrors, what differentiates them and adds the adjective to the name - mirror is the unique designs for different places.

Types of Mirrors and where they can be kept

Following the unique designs of mirrors, they can also be categorized into different types, and appropriate places where they can be kept in your home. Below are the different types of mirrors and easy ways to identify where they should be kept.

1. Bathroom-Mirror; as the name implies, bathroom-mirrors are for the bathroom. This type of mirror is stationed so conveniently that it's easily used by anyone accept for little kids that are not tall enough. Bathroom mirrors come in different designs, from vanity mirrors to vintage,frameless and illuminated mirrors, just to mention a few .

2. Custom Mirrors: these types of mirrors are most times frameless and used as wall décors. Owing to custom mirrors being extra thin , they're mostly use on the wall and ceiling with the help of adhesives. Custom mirrors with adhesives are also used used in the bathroom.

3. Décor Mirrors: are also used for home wall décors. These mirrors are more artistic and don't look like your regular type of mirrors. They come with a lot of detailing and aesthetics. You can place décor mirrors in the study room, living room , the library and sometimes the bedroom.

4. Full /large length Mirrors are mostly used for the the bedroom, living room and a gym. Its much larger and longer in length. These types of mirrors give you a full view of yourself. Its sometimes comes in free standing or pinned to the wall.


Every uniquely designed mirror has its own special use and place in a home. From the designs you can tell the type of mirror they are, you certainly cannot put a bedroom mirror in the bathroom because it will surely look out of place.

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