Welcome to Cedar Grove Elementary!

We are glad you are here!

Reading Workshop Observation

We have four second grade teachers that will welcome you into their classrooms during your visit. The teachers have recently finished benchmark assessments and are refining procedures. This is a good time to come, so you can see how Reading Workshop looks when first starting out. We hope you will be able to learn some new things to take back to your school.

September 25, 2015


Arrival and Office Check In: Our assistant principal, Matt White, will walk you down to the classrooms. You will observe one of the following teachers: Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Clardy, Mrs. Parks, and Mrs. Moore. If you all observe a different person, you will have different perspectives to share when you debrief.


Teachers will begin Reading Workshop. Mrs. Moore begins with guided reading and then teaches the mini lesson due to pull out groups. The other three teachers will begin with the mini lesson and then move to guided reading.

*We are using this book as our school wide book study this year. Jan Richardson's website is also informative. www.janrichardsonguidedreading.com

We hope your day will be successful. If you have any questions, please call or email me.

Have a safe trip!

Stacey Shaw

Reading Coach