Too Much Of A Good Thing

Over Exercising Bad? Yes.

Sound Familiar?

If someone you know has CED they may experience the following:

  • May miss school or work
  • Suffering physical pain if they don't exercise
  • Feels guilty if they don't exercise daily
  • Has the urge to exercise - may vocalize it out to friends or family
  • Anxiety - may bite finger nails or shake constantly if they miss exercising


Yes, Her Too

Heidi Montag, a famous television star, has suffered from this disorder in the past. In Mid April through the end of May in 2011, she spent around 14 hours a day in the gym just to become "bikini ready".


Did You Know...

Roughly 10% of high-performance runner, along with about an equal amount of bodybuilders, have and exercise addiction. They believe that over training is the way to get better.