PRM School Rocker May 2021

Issue 10, Vol 2

Principal Simpson's Message

Greetings PRM Families,

May flowers are in bloom and we are finishing the year strong with all of our learners. The support we have felt this year is unmatched. We thank you for encouraging our staff and advocating for the needs of our students and community.

As we prepare to bring this school year to a close, know that we have consistently focused on providing high-quality instruction while supporting the social and emotional needs of our students. Our summer learning program will highlight specific skills and help to further prepare our students for the next grade level. We will also be providing every student with a copy of the Summer Bridge Activities book for their rising grade level. These books will be distributed by the last day of school. It is our hope that whether attending summer learning at PRM or participating in other enrichment experiences, students will be ready for school in the Fall.

This month we celebrate our amazing teachers, school staff, and all of the partners and volunteers that make our school community so awesome. Thank you for helping us to grow through all of these changes and challenges. This is the best school community and I am proud to lead us on the path forward. PRM, you ROCK!


Principal Simpson

School Hours

Safe Arrival~7:45-8:15am

Safe Dismissal~1:50-2:30pm

Upcoming Dates

  • Teacher Appreciation Week - May 3rd - 7th, for more info, click here. See Flyer below.

  • CPS Board Meetings - May 10th @ 6:30p, May 24th @ 6:30p,

  • LSDMC - May 12th @ 3pm

  • PTO Meeting May 12th @ 6:30p

  • Transition Day - May 21st

  • Field Day - May 21st

  • ILT -May 17th @ 2:45

  • Foundation - May 18th @ 7p

  • PRM Equity Group - May 20th @ 6:30p, for more info, click here.

  • 6th Grade Recognition, May 25th @ 6p

  • Kona Ice at Thousand Hands Park celebration last day of school, May 27th @ 2:30-4:30p

  • Summer Learning Begins - June 2nd

Staff Appreciation Week May 3rd-7th

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Staff Contact information

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Safe Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

It is our goal to finish the year strong and to ensure that our procedures are efficient and eliminate frustration. Your support is needed with the following arrival and dismissal procedures:

  • Safe arrival begins at 7:45am. Please do not arrive before 7:40am so that our staff can park and get in place.
  • Masks must be worn on our campus and/or when dropping off and picking up students.
  • Please be courteous to our staff. We are only trying to keep everyone safe.
  • The park and walk option is now available at the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church. You may park your car and escort your student to the proper arrival entrance.
  • Please be mindful of your speed. The School Zone speed limit is 20mph. Please keep your speed to 15mph when driving on campus. Citations will be given for violations.
  • There is no drop-off on Montgomery Rd. This is not safe. The police officer on duty will be giving citations if this happens.
  • When dropping off students in the car line, please make sure they are ready to exit the car from the passenger side with all of their belongings. We want to keep things moving as efficiently as possible.
  • Families dropping off a PreK student must merge to the right side of the carline for morning dropoff. The staff will complete the safety check and escort the student and any siblings to the PreK entrance.
  • Safe dismissal is from 1:50-2:15pm. Please do not arrive too early for the carline. The gate will not open until 1:50pm. You can minimize frustration and wait time by timing your arrival according to the dismissal times for your child's grade level or floor. (See Arrival/Dismissal document below)
  • Be sure to select a daily dismissal method for your child and stick to it. Dismissal changes must be communicated to the teacher in writing 24 hours in advance or the morning of the change. Students will be sent home the normal way if this communication is not received. There is no early dismissal after 1:40pm.
  • Please watch out for our staff as they support traffic flow on Montgomery Rd.
  • Be prepared for your child(ren) to be loaded into your car on the passenger side only.
  • Please pull forward once your child(ren) loads the car. You may buckle them in further up the driveway.
  • Please follow safe distancing guidelines and school signage when waiting for your child to come out for walker dismissal.
  • You may park at the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church to walk over to pick up your child in the front. Students may not walk to the church parking lot without a parent.
  • Keep the positive energy flowing. We are in this together!
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District Safety Plan

This update includes specific guidance for recess, cloth face coverings, and how to respond to a confirmed case or exposure to a confirmed case in your building. Please take the time to read the safety plan at the link below.

Welcome Nurse Tobi Jessenn

Nurse Tobi Jessenn joined the PRM school team last month. She spent time training with Nurse Meg to prepare to serve our students and families in an excellent way.

Nurse Tobi is continuing to accept Covid testing consent forms. Testing of any student with consent can be completed by Nurse Tobi on campus. The results almost always come back the next day by 6am.

If your child has symptoms consistent with Covid while at school they will be sent home and cannot return until they either have a negative Covid test or isolate for a minimum of ten days. Testing at school can markedly cut down on the amount of time they have to stay out.

You can either print off the consent form below and bring it to school or you can scan it and email it to Nurse Tobi. It must be signed.

Covid-19 Protocols

If a student is identified as having symptoms in a building:

  • Any student who displays symptoms of COVID-19 will go to the isolation room to be evaluated by the nurse.
  • Based on the nurse’s assessment, the student will be tested, ONLY if the consent document is on file.
  • Parent/guardian will be called to pick up their child regardless if they are tested or not.
  • Children directed to the isolation room due to displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home. This is out of an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe.
  • All students will be given a letter to explain the next steps.
  • Students who are not tested are asked to follow up with the primary doctor.
  • The principal and building staff will work to identify any students that were in close contact with any student who has a positive test result. We go back 48 hours from the onset of symptoms.

In the event of a confirmed case in a school building:

  • A temporary closure (1-5 days) of a classroom, grade, or entire building will be considered so we may thoroughly clean/disinfect and conduct a risk assessment based on the potential for viral spread.
  • In the case of temporary closures, all students will shift to distance learning.
  • When would a classroom switch to distance learning? This decision would be made with the Health Dept. based on factors such as multiple confirmed cases in one classroom or if 6’ distancing was not followed.
  • When would a school switch to distance learning? This decision would be made with the Health Dept. based on factors such as a cluster of confirmed cases in one school and/or a high percentage of staff absences.
Masks On For Me
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Community Learning Center (CLC) Updates

May 2021:

  • Thank you to our wonderful PTO for our fantastic luncheon and goodies during Staff Appreciation. We truly enjoyed everything that our Parents and Community does for PRM.

  • Thank you Foundation for all the fundraising and activities that took place this year at PRM.

  • Teacher Appreciation will be a week-long event starting on Monday, May 3-7, 2021. Our theme this year is “ Superheroes”.

  • Field Day- I know students are so excited about this tradition. This event will happen on Friday, May 21, 2021 here at the school using our indoor spaces and outdoor spaces for a day of fun!

  • 6th Grade Recognition- The staff is sorry to see them go, but it is time for our 6th grader to leave and we can't let them go without letting them know how much we love, support, and encourage them on their next chapter. The recognition ceremony will be on Tuesday, May 25th at 6pm with a tentative rain date for Wednesday, May 26, 2021. More information will be forthcoming.

  • Imago Rangers are still going strong through our virtual unit. Please stop by and enjoy the activities that they have developed for your child. Many of the activities can be done with the entire family. Click here to see:

  • Are you hungry? See the flyer below to see PRM’s Breakfast and Lunch Menu.

  • Summer Scholars Program- Our Scholars program is from June 2-30th from 8:00am to 4:00pm. We will provide breakfast, academics in the morning, lunch, and a variety of activities for enrichment in the afternoon. Look out for more information coming soon.

  • PRM After-School Care is still taking applications. Stop by the school, CRC, or email Monique Johnson (PRM resource coordinator at for an application.

  • Keep watch for the Possip Communication- The district will send out communication twice a month. We ask that you respond back to the question(s) that they are posing to us. This information is tabulated and comes directly to the CLC office and Ms. Simpson which helps us in making improvements to PRM.

Community Resources:

  • Fresh Produce and Food Drive Thru Distribution at Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church, every Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 pm. Let them know that you are PRM

  • Frozen Meals for any age from La Soupe can be picked up every Monday from 3-6 pm at Deer Park Library (3970 E. Galbraith Rd.). For more information call 513-369-4450

  • Meal Boxes for youth from UMC Food Ministry can be picked up every Monday from 3-5 pm at Pleasant Ridge Library (6233 Montgomery Rd.). For more information call 513-369-4488

  • Kennedy Heights Arts Center will be offering in-person Art Summer Camp this year! They are offering a variety of one-week camps for youth exploring visual arts, media arts, dance, music, theatre, and so much more. Visit their website at or call 513-631-4278 to learn more.

  • Cares Act Rent and Utility Assistance- If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance due to Covid-19, you can click on the link below to fill out an application or you can contact myself- Monique Johnson by phone at 513-363-4429 or through email at

  • Do you Need Assistance with your Taxes? United Way of Greater Cincinnati is offering free service and so is the Cincinnati Public Library.

  • The Library link has not come out yet, but check on their website for more information.

Tax Day has been extended until May 17, 2021

The CRC Office would like to say thank you again and we look forward to working with each of you next school year. Relax and make sure you take some time out to enjoy your family, friends and community. We will always be here for you if you need anything. -CLC Staff- Monique Johnson and Jamie Donaldson

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PRM Community in Action

Thank you to all the families who were able to come to the PRM Community event, Spring Dance for All Drive-Thru Picture event! There was music playing, free leis and free little cacti succulents and candy! The community also participated in a Fossil Finding Event! UC Geologists shared exciting information about how Cincinnati used to be under a deep-sea then went over various fossils you can find from that time period. Families then picked up a fossil finding kit at PRM where they could see 4th and 5th graders' projects and learn more. Then families went out to various local parks to look for fossils! Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers, and collaboration that has worked to bring us these events!

3-6 News

Happy May! Wow! I cannot believe it is our last month of school for the 20-21 school year. We have LOVED every minute of our time with your children, especially being able to have them back 5 days a week. This month in science we will be studying insects. It seemed like the perfect time with the cicadas coming! We will learn about the characteristics that make an animal an insect, different types of insects, and the parts of an insect. In geography, we will be traveling to Australia! This is our last continent to study! We will learn that Australia is a continent, a country, and an island. We will also learn about the amazing animals that call Australia their home.

In other news, kindergarten children will be given the MAP and Acadience Assessments this month. They will also be participating in Transition Day towards the end of May. This is when they will go visit their new community, for the next school year, in the morning. We have loved watching your children grow this year. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

6-9 News

The 6-9 Team is finishing up the year with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts! Each classroom is finishing up end of the year assessments: Ohio Air Language and Math Test, Language and Math MAP, and Acadience Testing! This data will be used for next year's learning and lessons. Reach out to your student's teacher to check in on your students academic growth! The 6-9 classrooms also had an opportunity to watch 3 stages of the butterfly life cycle in their classroom. Students loved watching their caterpillar create their chrysalis, and then hatch into Painted Lady Butterflies. Each classroom was able to release those butterflies into our own PRM Garden!

9-12 News

We were able to plant a few kale and swiss chard plants in the garden during Earth Day Week! Special thanks to Imago for helping out. In math, Ms. Wagner's students are building a Geometricity to solidify what they learned about geometry. Other math classes are working on symmetry and conversions. The ELA classes are working on poetry. End of the year events and activities are heading our way. Be on the lookout for important emails from your teachers and room parents with more information.

PTO and Foundation Hub News

The 2020-2021 school year is wrapping up! See below for specific updates from the various parent groups! We would love to have all voices heard and volunteers if you're looking to be more involved with PRM!

PTO, ILT, LSDMC: PTO will be voting on PTO Vice president, PTO Financial Secretary, and two LSDMC Parent Representatives at the next meeting, May 12th at 6:30. Please see the letter attached for more details or click here.

Foundation: Our next Foundation meeting is May 18 @ 7:00. We are seeking new board members. No special experience required. If you're curious, come to a meeting just to listen, no need to commit. School Supply Lists are posted! Click here. You can also find information about the school supply fundraiser on that page!

Boosters: Boosters is looking for Co-President and Baseball Coordinator. Boosters will be having their next meeting in June (TBD). All are welcome to our Boosters meetings; just because you show up doesn't mean you are signing up for anything, just your input or your impression of an idea. Come see what these amazing volunteers do to help keep our students moving and connected outside of school. Registration for fall 2021 sports will be happening in May before school is out for the summer. Be on the lookout for emails, flyers, and social media notices and help us reach out to families that are or will be new to PRM!

Upcoming Meetings and Dates!

  • Teacher Appreciation Week - May 3rd - 7th, for more info, click here. See Flyer below.

  • CPS Board Meetings - May 10th @ 6:30p, May 24th @ 6:30p,

  • PTO Meeting May 12th @ 6:30p

  • LSDMC - May 12th @ 3pm

  • ILT - May 3rd @ 2:45p, May 17th @ 2:45

  • Foundation - May 18th @ 7p

  • PRM Equity Group - May 20th @ 6:30p, for more info, click here.

  • Kona Ice at Thousand Hands Park celebration last day of school, May 27th @ 2:30-4:30p

  • 6th Grade Recognition, May 25th @ 6p

  • Transition Day - May 21st

  • Field Day - May 21st

  • Summer Learning Begins - June 2nd

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CPS Parent Technical Support Hotline

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CPS Calendar 2020-2021 School Year

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CPS 2021-22 School Year Calendar

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