The Lovely Bones

Alice Sebold


Susie Salmon-She is the girl that died and she is heaven.

Mr.Harvey-He is the man that killed Susie.

Ray-He had a crush on Susie and she dies.

Ruth-She is a friend of Ray and Susie.

Mom-The mom of Susie but she is mostly weak.

Dad-The dad of Susie but he won't give up on knowing who killed Susie.


The story was mostly in Susie's heaven and down in the world where her family lives.It was around December the month she was murdered.

Three quotes

Susie-"Mr.Harvey, I really have to get home.'' pg.12

Thats what Susie told Mr.Harvey when she wanted to leave to her house.

Mr.Harvey-''Thats my only idea.'' ''I wish we could do more.'' pg.65

When Susie's dad went to Mr.Harvey's house to ask if he new anything about Susie.

Ray-''You are so beautiful, Susie Salmon.''

Thats when Ray told Susie he liked her.

Plot Summary

One day Susie was killed by Mr.Harvey. Her family and friends are worried. Her parents were hoping that nothing would happen two her, but then the police came and said the bad news. Ray a guy who liked Susie felt bad because he liked her.From up in heaven Susie would see her family and friends move on without her. Then she fell in love with someone she knew she couldn't be with because she was dead.


Susie was killed and her family and friends want to know who killed her.

Internal or External

External because its a society vs. the character who killed Susie.
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