Freshman Newsletter


A message by Mrs.Rankin

What an outstanding start to the 2014-2015 school year we have had! The Class of 2018 is showing great school spirit, character, and dedication to doing well in all facets of life in high school! I know that there have been a few “glitches” with the changed schedule to the 9 period day, but at this point, all of the conflicts and missing classes/lunches should have been resolved. Thank you so much for your patience as we all worked through that process!

One of my favorite “tasks” each six weeks is publishing the Freshman Honor Rolls! Those will be pub-lished on the CHS website the Friday following grade reporting, to allow for any grade changes that may be posted. Both an ‘A’ Honor Roll and an ‘A/B’ Honor Roll will be published. To be on the ‘A’ Honor Roll, students must have earned a grade of 90 or better in every class during that six weeks. The ‘A/B’ Honor Roll will include all students who made a grade of 80 or better in every class during that six weeks, excluding the students with all A’s. There also will be semester honor rolls at the end of each semester. This is just one of the ways we attempt to recognize the accomplishments of our freshmen, and encourage them to set high academic standards for themselves. The honor rolls are posted on the “We Are Central” bulletin board located on the 1st floor Central staircase and on the Freshman Focus link of the CHS website.

I would also like to take a moment to thank our Charger Champions, led by Mrs. Gantz, Mrs. Wang, and Mr. Powers, for all they have done for the Class of 2018! They planned and executed a fantastic “Fish Camp” and have been visible constant support for the freshman class as they adjust to CHS! Thank you, Champions!! A focus this year is for the Champions be in closer contact with their freshmen than in previous years your freshman’s Champion should be regularly communicating with them. One of the upcoming events that is new this year is to have the freshmen who are not involved in an-other organization marching in the Homecoming Parade on October 6. Freshmen will be receiving information from their Champion as to where/when to meet. They should wear their “We Are One” shirts if they have one (the last order has been received and shirts distributed as I type this).

Finally, I would like to tell you about a program for freshmen not taking the PSAT that will be held on Wednesday, October 15. I will be showing the movie “We Are Marshall” to the students, following the viewing with a presentation on setting high personal standards and persevering through the ob-stacles that can sometimes get in the way of our goals! Because the movie is rated PG-13, you have the opportunity to “opt out” for your freshman by completing the attached form and returning it to the Administrative Office by Monday, October 13. I was a senior at Marshall University at the time of this tragic plane crash, and experienced first-hand the dedication, perseverance, and passion of many people in the Marshall community during the months that followed and it is my hope to convey to our freshmen the power of the expression “I Am One….WE Are Central” through this presentation.

Algebra 1 First 6 Weeks

Unit 1: Developing the Skill of Solving Linear Equations in one variable (2.5 weeks)

Unit 1: Test Sept 10-11

Unit 2: Relations and Functions (2 weeks)

Unit 2: Test Sept 24-25

Skill Quiz is every week: Student is assessed on various skills per six weeks. The first 6 Weeks skill is order of operations.

Biology Scope and Sequence 2015 -2016

1st Six Weeks

Unit 1 (14 days): Nature of Science - Interdependence

1. Scientific Investigation

a. Lab Safety

b. Experimental Design

2. Levels of Organization

a. Levels of Organization

b. Body Systems

3. Characteristics of Life & Classification

a. Characteristics of Life - living vs. nonliving

b. Binomial Nomenclature - (scientific naming)

c. Dichotomous Keys

d. Taxonomy

e. Characteristics of Kingdoms

f. Bacteria

g. Viruses

Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic

2nd Six Weeks

Unit 2A (7 days): Chemistry of Life - Cell Structure

a. Bonding (water)

b. Biomolecules

c. Monomers build polymers

d. Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis

e. Enzymes

Pre AP extension - Catabolic vs. Anabolic Reactions

Unit 2B (7 days): Cell Structure and Transport - Homeostasis

a. Cell theory

b. Reinforce prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic

c. Organelles

a. Specialized cells

b. Cell membrane

c. Passive/Active Transport

d. Maintaining homeostasis

e. Surface Area to Volume Ratio

3rd Six Weeks

Unit 3A (7 days): Energy / Metabolism and Botany - Metabolism

a. Structure of the leaf

b. Transport and specialized cells of plants

c. Plant response and adaptations

d. Plant reproduction

e. Leaf adaptations

f. Plant pigments

g. Photosynthesis - Chemical reactions in light dependent and light independent reactions

h. Cellular Respiration

a. Anaerobic vs. Aerobic

b. Compare and contrast cellular respiration and photosynthesis

Unit 3B (7 days): Molecular Genetics - Genetics

a. DNA

b. DNA Replication

c. RNA

d. Transcription

e. Protein synthesis – Translation

4th Six Weeks

Unit 4A (4 days): Cell cycle/Cell reproduction - Reproduction

a. Cell Cycle

b. Disruption of Cell Cycle (Cancer)

c. Mitosis

d. Reproduction types (sexual/asexual/cloning)

Unit 4B (10 days): Gametes & Heredity / Genetics - Reproduction & Genetics

a. Meiosis

b. Gene mutations - point and frame shift

c. Karyotypes

d. Mendel

e. Non-Mendelian

5th Six Weeks

Unit 5A (7 days): Changes Over Time - Evolution

a. Evidence of Common Ancestry

b. Fossil Record

c. Natural selection

d. Evidence for Evolution

e. Mechanisms of Evolution

f. Adaptations

g. Speciation

h. Phylogeny/Cladograms

Pre AP Extensions - a. Hardy-Weinberg

b. Types of Selection

Unit 5B (7 days): Ecology - Interdependence

a. Flow of Matter and energy (Food Webs & Food Chains)

b. Community interactions

c. Carrying Capacity

d. Biogeochemical cycles

e. Impact of environmental changes

f. Role of microorganisms in ecosystems

a. Succession

b. Adaptations within ecosystems

Pre AP Extensions - Biomes

6th Six Weeks

Unit 6 (14 days): Biotechnology - Genetics

a. Genetic engineering

b. Recombinant DNA technologies

c. Gel Electrophoresis / DNA Fingerprinting

English 1

During the first six weeks, English I classes will discover, develop, and demonstrate how reading and writing workshops take place at the high school level. Besides reading several assigned short stories, students will have many opportunities to read books of their choice and to share some of their great writing. We can’t wait to hear their book talks where they get to “sell” their book! Should be fun!

Pre-AP Geometry 1 First 6 Weeks

Chapter 1: Algebra Review and Intro to Geometry

Chapter 1 Test: End of 3rd week of school (September 10th/11th)

Chapter 2: Reasoning and Proof

Chapter 2 Test: End of 5th week of school (September 24th/25th)

*Students’ grades will come from weekly Quizzes and Unit Tests/Projects. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with homework, as it will not be collected for a grade. Note: A student is only eligible for a retest if they complete all homework assignments.

World geography 1st six weeks:

Unit IA- Chapters 1-3: Basics of geography, geographer’s tools, forces of the earth and physical geography

Unit IB- Chapter 4: Basics of human geography, economics, political systems, culture and demographics

Summative grades- World map, Chapters 1-3 Test


PE-Shirts, locks and lockers will be given out for PE. Students need to get black athletic shorts or pants, tennis shoes and socks. Students must dress out every day.


What is SWAAG

A highly effective visual placed in classroom to help students time management

How will the students benefit from it?

With the new A/B block schedule, SWAAG will assist in organization by serving as visual reminder that helps students stay on track with readings, homework, quizzes, and exams.

What is required of my students?

Purchase agenda book (or use electronic version)

Write down SWAAG agenda located in classroom each Monday

Plan out study and tutorial schedule to maximize their academic success

What is required of me as a teacher?

Mini Lesson first week of school

Post clearly labeled SWAAG in classroom

Update every Monday

2 minutes of classtime each week for students to copy downSWAAG/Agenda: With the A/B schedule we are encouraging all 9th graders to have agenda for writing down homework due and planning study time for quizzes and tests. Every teacher should have a SWAAG (School Week at a Glance) board in their room that is updated every Monday. Encourage your Freshman to use the agenda in every class, every day! If your student needs agenda help and skills, send them to C110/Mrs. Magryta before or after school and the AVID students will be glad to help.

Picture Announcement

Pictures will be taken on September 10th- 11th in your English classes