PHS Faculty Sheet

September 19, 2016

Student Achievement, School Climate & Customer Service


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  • I have Panther Pride! Do you? Thank you for providing Dr. Little with a warm welcome on Friday! He enjoyed seeing you in action and was impressed with the level of engagement and formative assessment techniques!

  • PreACT this Wednesday September 21st click here to view schedule for the day.

  • We will be on our Collaborative Planning schedule this Wednesday. Department heads, please make sure that you post your department minutes in the shared Collaborative Planning Folder. The PAW Club will be hosting sandwich lunch for members at 12:40 in the Arbor room. The cost is $5.00 for non-members. Non-members should submit payment to Mr. Bocchino.

  • 1st, 3rd, and 4th block Big Thursday groups will meet in the open commons at the usual times (8:45, 12:50, and 2:00). We will quickly complete L21 interviews. Ms. Hartley will send out more information later this week.

  • Senior Privileges:

    • Seniors can leave 4th block 2 minutes early on Fridays (with 4th block teacher approval)

    • Seniors can leave for lunch 2 minutes early (with Panther Time or 3rd block teacher approval)

    • Seniors can leave for assemblies 2 minutes early (all call will be made)

    • Seniors may park in the first two rows of the student parking lot (with valid parking pass displayed)

    • Seniors may attend the “senior night” ball game (football, basketball, baseball) for free (must bring school ID)

  • Math tutoring has begun! Please make sure that you are advertising it to your students. Fliers to post are available in the workroom, main office, and office of school counseling.

  • SLO Information and Timeline

  • No Q1 course SLOs

Several of you are late with these items. Please see your GBE evaluator ASAP.

  • September 9- First Semester and Yearlong course SLOs due to department facilitator

  • September 15- First Semester Preliminary conference with your administrator

  • Please submit your F-list with parent contacts to Crissy Skelly by Friday, September 16.

  • The AdvancEd Standard 4 (Resources and Support) team will have a meeting at 3:15pm in the Counseling Office Conference Room on Thursday, September 22 and Tuesday, September 27.

    • Standard 4 Team- Jill Zueger, Robbie Randall, Karen Gladden, Jennifer Hall, Vicky Jackson, Jessica Burke, Tina Allemond, Kerri McLaughlin, George Wham, Anna Shumpert, Victoria Connelly, Kady Wowaka, Kiri Rawson, Zach Thomasson, and Patricia Rock

  • You were emailed if you still need complete the religion test. Take care of this.

  • PSAT information session for select 9th 10th, and 11th grade students during Panther Time on Tuesday, September 6th. If the student is absent, please return the pass to Ashley Rogers in the counseling office. These students will attend a makeup session.

    • Cost $15 for the PSAT- cash or check made out to PHS

    • Must sign up in the counseling office by Wednesday, September 21

    • PSAT will be given on October 19th

  • Please review the following statement to clarify any confusion regarding the revised grading policy:
  • Please review the 16-17 Grading Practices document that is located in your 16-17 PHS Information Folder. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Click here to view retake score inspector comments.
  • ILT rotations take place in the Learning Commons. Please make sure you are encouraging your students to get help and that you are initiating student pull-outs during your planning Panther Time.
  • Please read Mike Edwards’ email from September 7 about setting technology goals in your classes if you have not already signed up. Please select a time on his appointment calendar to schedule a meeting.

Administration and Instruction

● Please arrive on time to Big Thursday. The start times are 8:45, 9:45, 12:50, and 2:00.

● Please use the Google Panther Time Calendars to view the Panther Time schedule.

● Please make sure that you are able to access the PHS calendar, the testing calendar, and the Panther Time calendar.

● Please monitor students in the hall while standing at your door during class change! Please be present and arrive on time to your duty stations.


September 21--PreACT

All 10th Graders

October 19--PSAT

Student sign-up in the Guidance Office

SLO Information and Timeline

No Q1 course SLOs

September 15- S1 Preliminary conference with your administrator

October 14- ­ Preliminary SLO Conferences complete for Year-long Courses

October 20-­ Q2 Pretests complete

November 3- Q2 Preliminary SLO Conferences complete

November 16- ­ Mid­-Course SLO Conferences complete for S1 courses

November 22- ­ Q2 Mid­Course SLO Conferences complete

December 12- ­ S1 and Q2 Post­Tests complete

By January 4 ­ All Mid-­Course SLO Conferences Complete for Year-long Courses

By January 13- Summative SLO Conferences Complete for S1 and Q2 Courses

School Counseling

Upcoming Dates

  • Senior IGP conferences

▪ Begin Monday, September 19, 2016

504 Annual Reviews

  • Starting the week of September 12

Counselor Training- off campus

  • District Counselor Meeting: September 21 (all day)

Career Specialist

  • Job Shadowing Workshops are now being scheduled, please email to set up a time for your class.
    • Deadline for Senior Project request: October 7th
    • Deadline to complete job shadowing for Senior Project: October 21st
    • Deadline to complete all other job shadowing is: December 2nd
  • 7th Annual Career Showcase permission forms have been emailed to all 10th and 11th grade students. The Career Showcase will be held on October 28th. Students will leave PHS at 8:30 a.m. and return by 11:00 a.m.
    • Deadline to submit the permission form is September 28th.
  • Michelin Testing- October 19 and November 30- This exam is open to Seniors only that are interested in applying for the Michelin scholars program. See Mrs. Crumpton in the Counseling Department for more information.
  • Lexington Medical Center Fall Shadowing Dates: October 12 & 13, November 9 & 10, December 14 & 15.
  • Internship Applications deadlines for Spring 2017:
    • Lexington Medical Center: November 1
    • All others: December 2

Learning Commons: 7:30-3:30

  • PaperCutz Book Club Wednesday mornings @ 7:30


● If students are unable to access their PowerSchool grades and attendance, please email the students’ names to Barbara Johnson.

● Teachers, if you have new students in your class that do not have an iPad, please encourage them to visit the help desk during their lunch.

● If you need to submit a technology work order, please use this link:

● If you have students who need to know their network/email passwords, the district has provided a look-up location that you may access. This will require you to log in with your regular computer user name and password. Our look-up site is

"Whatever it Takes"

● Thank you to Mr. Herb Bocchino for organizing and hosting a fantastic family fun night!!

● Congratulations to the Panther Cross Country teams. The boy’s finished first and the girl’s finished second at the meet at Orangeburg Prep!

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Happy Birthday

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I have Panther Pride! Do you?

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