Pencey Prep

Molding boys into fine young phonies


Pencey Preparatory School has been around since 1888, or whatever, molding boys into fine young men ready for colleges and life outside the classroom. We also specialize in making students into phonies, as well as how to manipulate someone into doing your homework for you. Our athletic department contains one of the most annoying fencing teams in the whole damn world. Also, our football team consists of the biggest phonies at Pencey all gathered into one stadium, thus anywhere else is most likely a better place to be. Of course if our football team does not win, we should jump off a cliff or something, since that's most important at Pencey. Outside all this depressing, egotistical environment, there is some secret fraternity our some crap like that, which you can join, and have a "swell time",but of course you have to be cool.
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Pencey Prep, if you want your children turned into fake fine men, this is the place for you!!!