Literacy Month @ Queenspark School

Term 2, Weeks 6-9, June 5 -28th 2019

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Our theme is 'Around the World'.

What's Happening - When!

We are starting with a Book Fair - provided by 'More Than Books'. This is available from June 5th, Wednesday afternoon until June 7th, Friday morning and will be open during the Learning Conferences. Eftpos as well as cash will be accepted. Prices will range from $1 - $20. We earn 20 - 50% of whatever is spent.

Week 7 is when we have our authors visit. See below for more details about who they are. We are also having the Dress-up as a Book Character day this week on Friday 14th. See below for ideas.

Week 8 is when we are having the Book Swap - more details below.

In Week 8 & Week 9 is also when we would love to have your involvement by being part of our 'Human Library', come to a class and tell them your story (it can be with photos and props if you want). We would especially love it if it about experiences from other countries, whether you are from another country or have lived overseas or holidayed. See below for details of how to be a part of this.

And in Week 9 we are having our inaugural Literacy Expo. The Hall will be set-up with each class having a display showing examples of there literacy work. This is a great opportunity to see how it happens across all the different year levels.

During all this time there will be 'Art - Around the World' activities happening in the library at lunchtimes, Teachers will be Reading Around the Classes, there will be competitions, Buddy Class reading and more.

Author Visits

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Gavin Bishop

Gavin is a prolific award-winning New Zealand author/illustrator. Gavin's latest book 'Cook's Cook' tells the tale of the 1768 expedition to the South Pacific on HMS Endeavour, through the eyes of the one-handed ship's cook.

On Monday June 10th, the Year 7/8s will be hearing about how this book was produced, and the Year 1 & 2s will be treated to Gavin reading some of his picture books.

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Swapna Haddow

Swapna is the award winning author of the 'Dave Pigeon' series of 4 books and 'Little Rabbit's Big Surprise'. Swapna moved to New Zealand with her family just last September from England.

The Year 3/4 and 5/6 students will be having a story writing workshop with Swapna on Tuesday, June 11th.

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Dress-up as a Book Character Day

This is being held on June 14th, join us in the Hall at 9am as we see what everyone is wearing!

The guidelines for this event are that the Dress-up must be a 'Book Character' which means if there is a movie/TV, that the book was first - so for example - no Star Wars.

Here is a link to the QPS Pinterest Costume board if you'd like ideas.

Human Library

How it works

Basically, it is storytelling with interaction. We'd love to extend the students ideas about the world and how people live differently or have experiences that living in New Zealand doesn't provide. The opportunity for the children to ask questions is an integral part. The session would be ideally 10-15 minutes of 'story' and then time for questions.

If you or someone you know would have an experience they could talk to a class about please either email or your child's teacher.

Ideas so far are: time as a Summer Camp Counsellor in the USA, teaching in China, and tramping around NZ.

Book Swap

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How it works.

Instead of a book sale the students can bring in good condition books that they no longer want and swap them for others.

How it works:

Bring in any children’s book (chapter books, picture books or non-fiction) that has been gently used to your class. Let your teacher know what you have brought in and they will keep track of the numbers. You may bring in a maximum of 5 books each. What you can take depends on what you bring in; if you bring picture books that is what you can take, the same goes with novels.

Book criteria:

Please make choices carefully before bringing in books. Books will only be accepted under the following guidelines:

  • books must be appropriate for children your age.

  • only in good used condition; no torn/missing pages, cover on, no bent edges.

  • books with colouring or writing in them are unacceptable.

  • colouring books, sticker books and activity books will not be accepted.

  • ex-library books are not acceptable.

Please realise that the selection of books to choose from

depends on the books that have been donated.

On Tuesday, June 18th or Wednesday, June 19th, (depending on when your class is participating), you will be able to swap your books and choose ‘new’ books for you to take home and enjoy.

If you have any questions please talk to your teacher or Mrs Silver-Hessey

Brought to you by:

The Literacy Team, the Library and Teachers at Queenspark School.