Roman and Greek Contributions.

By: Marybeth Appleyard

Greek architecture

The pillars where created by the Greeks. The Greeks used these pillars to support large buildings. Pillars today are still used to support large buildings. There are even pillars in the middle of rooms. Used for decoration and support.

Roman concrete roads

Concrete roads where created by the Romans. The roads where used to trade and transport Roman military. There was over 250,000 miles of road. These roads are now called sidewalks. We use them to transport one thing to another.

Greek language and literature

Most of our English words are rooted by the Greek alphabet. The language and literature that the Greeks used was to communicate with each other. We use it now to communicate with a different language. Most of the roots of the alphabet we use are from the Greeks.

Roman development of aqueducts

The development of aqueducts was created by the Romans. The Romans used these elevated water systems to pump water for themselves. Remember that this was all manual work. Today aqueducts are called plumbing systems. They changed dramatically by being electronic instead of manually.

Greek math and science

Modern day math and science had it's original roots from the Greeks. They used this for everyday need and studies. We still use mathematics and science in the same way but just more advanced. We made these subjects a lot more complicated then the Greeks had.

Roman spread of Christianity

The Romans spread Christianity. Some rulers did not support this religion. Often times followers where killed. That did not stop the spread of Christianity. We still have the Christian religion today. Christians still worship in similar ways that the Romans did.

Greek sports

The Greeks where responsible for the advent of sports. They had the first olympics created after Zeus. They used the sports to keep the body in shape. We use sports today to keep the body in shape and for fun. We still have the olympics. Sports have come a long way. We have continued to add more sports.

Roman system of laws

The Romans created the first systems of laws. They used the laws so everybody would be respectful and could follow a common rule. They used the twelve tablets so that everybody would be able to see the laws. We still have laws today. Some of which are based on the Roman laws. An example is your house rules.