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Green-winged Teal

Beauty of ducks

The Green-winged Teal is a majestic creature indeed. They are the smallest of North American ducks with their short necks and short bills. Males are typically 14.7 inches in length and weigh on average .7lb. There shimmering green to purple patch extending from the eyes to the nape of the neck is a beautiful sight when contrasted to the rest of their chesnut head. Males have a distinctive high-pitched "preep-preep." In contrast females are a patterned brown with a dark brown line that extends from the bill to the eye. The females are about 14 inches long and about .6lb. They are typically quiet with the exeption of their high-pitched "quack"


Migration is common among all duck species, however some ducks only go to specific areas. Green-winged Teals migration routes have been traced as far north as Alaska and Newfoundland and as far south as northern South America. They can be found along the Mississippi and Central flyways, where the coastal marshes and rice fields of Louisiana and Texas provide ideal habitat. Tidal creeks and freshwater marshes and estuaries are favored over oceans and other vast waters. Green-winged teal are also found in Central America and the northern parts of the Caribbean.

The Green-winged Teals


Green-winged Teals can be found breeding anywhere in Canada, Alaska, and other northern US states. It i known that some males will mate with more than one female, but this is only posible if the females accept as their mate of choice. After males make displays, the female will make her own approving display. Males usually will abandon thier mate so they can begin to moult. Females will incubate their eggs for approximately 3 weeks before they hatch.

Food Habits

Typically Green-winged Teals eat various weeds, grasses, seeds, and insects. They also eat mollusks, crustaceans and tadpoles that might be found in muds of shallow waters.