School Psychologist

By: Gabriela Martinez

Career Description

School psychologists tend to study the procedures in learning and teaching. They also find ways to help students who encounter educational problems.

Related College Majors

Some related college majors are psychology, general and mental health counseling/counselor.


An important skill is active listening. A school psychologist needs to be able to give their undivided attention to their patient and ask appropriate questions at certain moments. Another skill is reading comprehension. School psychologist need to be capable of understanding any written paperwork that is given by their patient(s). Thirdly, school psychologists need to have social perceptiveness. This means that they would need to being aware of their patient's reactions and understand them. Writing is another skill in which school psychologists need to possess. By writing, they need to be capable to communicate in a suitable way through writing. Lastly, another skill that school psychologists need to acquire is speaking. School psychologists are going to talk and reveal any important information to their patient(s).
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Daily Tasks, Activities, and Responsibilities

Some tasks that are required in school psychology are to select, administer, and score psychological tests. Another task is to maintain student records. Thirdly, school psychologists need to promote and understand child development and its relationship to learning and behavior. The activities that are involved in school psychology are getting information, establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, and communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates.


The average annual (yearly) wage for school psychologists in Illinois is $65,910.


A university that provides a major in school psychology is Illinois State University.

Illinois State University

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Corner of School and North Streets

Normal, IL 61790

Tuition Cost:


Entrance Requirements (ACT Score and GPA)

  • ACT Score: 24
  • GPA: 3.41

Job Placement Programs

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Child Care (Special Needs)
  • Office Assistant
  • Assistant Teachers
  • Part-time Summer Teacher

Job Placement Rate

It is listed among the country's best undergraduate business schools.


  • Offers certificate, master's, bachelor's, and doctoral degrees.
  • Provides support services such as career counseling, a learning center, and a writing center.
  • Provides activities such as marching band, concert band, jazz band, and dance activity.
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  • It is located approximately 136 miles from where I live.
  • Only offers a doctoral degree in the major of school psychology.

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