by Terence Nguyen

multiplying decimals

If you ever shop and you don't know how to multiply or divide decimals decimals follow these steps.

1 if you shop get the items you want add the prices if you can't do mental math get a sheet of paper or a calculator line up the decimals and the numbers for multiply if your prices are the same just do like you have 3 of the same things just do like


£. . 3



Dividing decimals

For dividing decimals it doesn't have to be for shopping it can use anywhere for fun even if you have nothing to do likely not...

To divide decimals get the number like 10.90 divided to 2 how to do it's.

How much 2 goes into 10 which is 5 so so far it's 5 then drop the 9 how much does 2 go into 9 is 4 that's 8 so that's 5.80