Ninja Loader is one of the best



Every minute, around 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. Every day, more than 400 years of videos are watched on the site. With the number of videos exploding by the millions comes the inevitable increase of the videos each and every user would want to watch. And since not all users can be online whenever and wherever they wish, downloading videos have become quite a necessity.

There are many YouTube video downloader’s strewn around the inter webs – free and paid, big and small, works and doesn’t – and the sheer number of these types of applications has made it very difficult for users worldwide to choose just the one to use. All will change with the introduction of Ninja Loader.

Developed by a newly established Indian company named She Songhai, Ninja Loader now has hundreds of following, adding many more each and every day. Why do you think is that so? Here are some of the reasons why Ninja Loader is rising to the top of all YouTube downloader’s in the market today:

1.It works. Tsinghai, established in 2011, has but a simple goal: to make applications that could contribute to the success of every client by making their lives and jobs easier, subsequently putting a smile on their faces. With the development of Ninja Loader, downloading videos from YouTube will be as easy as 1-2-3. It works every single time, so you won’t have to look for other downloader’s.

2.It’s reliable. How many downloaders’ have you tried, and how many of them failed to download that one video you’ve wanted to download for months now? You can download multiple files all at the same time, without the fear of any one of them not downloading. The speed’s only as good as your internet connection though.

3.It’s easy-to-use. The interface is easy to navigate, so you can get your favorite YouTube videos available for offline viewing in no time. And installation is a breeze as well. With just a few clicks of a mouse button, you can have Ninja Loader installed on your PC within minutes.

4.It’s fast. This software offers you the basic functions you can ever hope your YouTube downloader would have, in all its small-sized goodness! Unlike other downloader’s, Ninja Loader also has the capability to extract MP3 audio from the videos without the need for any additional software. It isn’t loaded with functionalities you aren’t ever going to use, so it works fast and hassle-free.

5.It’s free. The developers of the software are passionate about what they do, and bringing a reliable, working downloader is just a great, big challenge they had easily overcome.

Now With Ninja Loader, downloading YouTube videos has never been easier! Just install, search, save and wait for the videos to finish downloading. After a couple of minutes, you can watch your most favorite YouTube videos anywhere, anytime, without the need of an internet connection! Nothing else in the market right now can come close to this!