Avery Jeffries block 3

About me

I love to play basketball, watching TV, playing video games (grand theft auto 5), and i love to sleep. Everyday I go outside and hangout with my friends shoot some hoop. trying out for the school basketball team this year. Love to play video games mostly on Friday and the weekends.

6 word memoir

6 word

T.V at night and playing basketball

my favorite quote

Good things come to those who wait

I wait to get gift from my parents instead of worry them they give me money

sun/shadow sentence

I see my shadow every time I wake up and the morning

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

I didn't do a good job on it I was off topic on a few things. so i need to be better with my strength of being on topic. Learn make stronger sentence. some of my strength was that I didn't spell anything wrong. So I thing that was a great thing that I did. Next time It will be a lot better.

Why I did this

It was because teacher could know about people. Know about them what they do

Avery Bio poem

Self-reliance Essay

In life people need to be able to make their own decision. Because my mom once said, when teens turn 18 and graduation from high school they have to be able to make their own decisions. people who value self- reliance define it as the need for each individual to follow his or her own instincts and ideas. so I think people should make their own decisions because life should be base on our decision and our voice is the only thing we hearing.