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  • Wide range of temperatures- low: -80*F high: 100*F
  • There can be up to 188 inches of precipitation annually
  • In the arctic there are dangerous winds minimal amounts of snow and whiteouts (when snow blows and you cant see anything)
  • there are four climate zones Continental, Maritime, Transitional, and Artic
  • the normal temperature on the coast is 33*F
  • inland January temperature is -7*F and the July temperature is 61*F
  • the tempurature in the spring is 3-31*F


  • Four main regions in Alaska: Western Alaska, Southern Alaska, The interior, and the Coastal Ranges
  • The three main mountain ranges are the Brooks, Alaska, and Coast Ranges
  • Alaska is 80% permafrost (Ground that is always frozen)
  • 1/3 of Alaska is in the arctic circle
  • there is a mountain that is 20,310 feet tall called Denali
  • the Alaskan coastline is 6,640 miles long
  • there are glaciers that are 30 miles long
  • Alaska is 1/5 of the whole U.S.A

Interesting Facts

  • The summer sun shines 20 hours a day
  • Crops grow rapidly
  • In point burrow the sun doesn't set from May 19- August 2
  • Has 80% of the US volcanoes
  • Rich in fish, minerals, timber, and potential water power
  • 80% of land is wildlife refuges
  • rivers are rich in salmon halibut
  • St. Elias national park is the largest national park in America stretching over 8 million acres

Survival skills

  • if you have hypothermia get warm asap
  • avoid contact with metal objects (it will freeze your skin)
  • keep moving
  • keep drinking
  • stay dry
  • don't make yourself hot and sweaty
  • have good amounts of oxygen
  • stay warm and have shelter
  • have lots of cloths
  • watch for avalanches
  • have protection from the sun
  • snow glare can be dangerous

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