Arson Plot Gone Horribly Wrong

Hailey Saladino

Arson Plot Backfired.

-Mark Leonard and his girlfriend Monseratte Shirley lived in the Indianapolis neighborhood of Richmond Hills.

-Since, they were consumed with credit card, mortgage, and gambling debits they hatched a plan to burn their place in order to receive $300,000 in insurance money.

-However, the plan extremely backfired on them when the fire exploded similar to the force of a drone strike.

-The blast blew up most of the neighborhood.

-Almost 80 homes were damaged, 30 of which needed to be demolished afterwards, and $5 million dollars worth of damage was caused.

-The couple had opened the shut off valve to their natural gas fire place and rigged a timer to the microwave which would then start the fire the fire with the help of the gasoline the couple had spread throughout the house.

-Unfortunately the neighbors house took the brunt of the explosion causing Jennifer Longworth to die instantly and her husband Dion to be trapped in the basement killing him as well.

-The gas that built up in the home was equivalent to 3 tons of TNT. This horrible plot caused many of the neighbors and their children to suffer from PTSD.

-Leonard has sentenced life without parole and Shirley is still to be sentenced.