Solar Nebular Theory

Things you should know about the solar nebula theory

What is The Solar Nebular Theory

The Solar Nebular Theory is the hypothesis of how are solar system. The Solar Nebular Theory begins like this, star form in massive, dense clouds of molecular hydrogen called giant molecular clouds. These clouds are very unstable, and matter coalesces into smaller, denser clumps inside. These clouds collapse and form stars. This can make planets under the right circumstances. So, the forming of planet systems is thought to be a natural result of star forming. The process is thought to take at least 100 million years.

What dose the solar nebular theory state?

  1. The Solar Nebular Hypothesis tell the forming of our Solar System from a nebula cloud made from a collection of dust and gas. Also they say that the sun, planets, moons and asteroids were formed around the same time.

Who discover the SNT theory?

a German man named Botanist Matthias Schleiden

When was the theory developed?

The theory was develop around the 18 century.