John D. Rockefeller

The Oil Master

background info about John D. Rockefeller's Life

During Rockefeller's life he donated more than $500 million. He lived a fare good life 1839-1937.

The Standard Oil Company, Richness, And his monopoly

John D. Rockefeller is known for his standard oil company. He was very very rich off of it. He owned about 90% of the oil in the world. He also could tell people of the world how much to pay for the oil. He also is known for his richness. He became a filthy rich guy of the world. He also had a monopoly. He got even more rich off of that.
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He is a VIP

John D. Rockefeller is a vip because he was the standard oil company owner. He also had a monopoly that he got a lot of money off of. He got really rich off of the monopoly and his standard oil company.

The invention of Kerosene

John D. Rockefeller made the invention of kerosene. Kerosene is a liquid used as fuel it also gave people the ability to drive a car.