Holiday Party Donations

December 19, 2014

Our Holiday Party is Coming Soon

Dear Parents we are asking for donations for a holiday party. We would like to give the students a little something special on December 19th at 2:15. For many of our students this will be the only special event taking place this Holiday Season.
We are asking for the following donations:
  1. 24 cupcakes per homeroom- We need will need 125 cupcakes in all. We have 5 homerooms on our Team.
  2. Individual Bags of Chips/Popcorn/Pretzels or something salty. We will need 125 individual bags.
  3. Napkins
  4. Other holiday treats-candy/erasers/pencils/etc...

Please send in all donations no later than December 18th.

If you are able and would like to sign up to donate any items please email Mrs. Pavese at

Christmas Party Donations

Friday, Dec. 19th, 2:15pm

3431 Plateau Rd

Newton, NC

Please RSVP if you would like to send in a donation so we have an official count of items.


RSVPs are enabled for this event.