Miss Henry's Weekly Update

September 11 2020

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Dear Families,

I am so happy and excited that our school is almost ready for the arrival of our students! There will be many positive things to learn in order to keep students safe and staff have been working very hard to make sure classrooms are set up, hallways have the correct signage, and our yard is ready for us to play safely!

Rest assured that every possible precaution is being taken to ensure that when students come back to school, things will be familiar, but will also have new directions to ensure hygiene recommendations from Durham public health are followed.

Below is a great deal of tentative information about coming back to school at Lydia Trull so please take your time to read carefully!

If you would like to read more details about how the province is guiding school re-openings please read COVID-19 Reopening Schools - a Guide from the Ministry of Education - Ontario.

Additionally, you can visit the KPRDSB information page here for more information.

Below you will find some items that will help you better prepare for your return to school at Lydia Trull P.S. Do not hesitate to contact the office or your teacher with any questions.

You can also fill out the question form HERE if you have any further inquiries.


9:00am entry bell

9:00-10:40am First block

10:40am-11:20am recess /lunch

11:20-1:00 - Second Block

1:00-1:40 recess/lunch

1:40-3:20pm Third block

3:20 dismissal bell

For timely and up to date posts please visit us at: https://lydiatrull.kprdsb.ca/


Miss Henry

DAILY COVID-19 Screening for Families


If a student become ill while at school, including if they show cold like symptoms parents/families will be contacted immediately for pick up.

· The student will be isolated from others in a private and respectful way and will be monitored in a safe isolation room in the office area by staff until a parent/family member arrives.

If your child has a medical condition that we need to be aware of please email Miss Henry @ sarika_henry@kprdsb.ca

Arrival at school in the morning

All families/visitors outside on the school yard are asked to wear their masks at entry and exit time as we will be unable to monitor social distancing at this time. For your safety and well being we ask families to keep a safe distances from others (2metres or 6 feet) wherever possible and wear your mask if at all possible.


Parking at Lydia Trull is restricted to staff only between 8:30-9:15am and again from 3:00-3:30. This is to ensure the safety of students during entry and dismissal time. Families are encouraged to walk or park in a safe area close to the school if they are walking children to the yard.

Students are not permitted to walk through the parking lot at any time of the day and should use dedicated sidewalks to make their way safely to school entrances.

Kiss and Ride

Buses will arrive between 8:45-8:50 and students will disembark. Following the departure of buses the "kiss and ride" will be opened to allow for safe drop off along the front area of the school. Staff will be outside (wearing vests) to direct students to make their way to the back of the school by using the path to the south part of the building (long where the kindergarten yard is).

Parents wanting to escort their child to their designated school entrance should park off school property and walk to the area where students will greet their teachers at entry, and again at the end of the day.


- seating plans on busses and staff will support students to board the bus in an orderly fashion

- families will be seated together

- please talk to your child about staying seated and following the rules on the bus as always.

Walking students

All students who are coming to school should aim to arrive as close to 9am as possible. We are having students gather in areas around the school in this first week of staggered entry and teachers will talk to students about entry and exiting the yard.

Parents are asked to walk students to designated areas only if necessary, and older students are asked to walk to and from dismissal zones in an orderly manner and to respect social distances.

Before and after school care

The YMCA runs a day care program at Lydia Trull and students will remain inside during entry time, but will proceed to their class when the bell rings, so as to reduce as many people on the yard as possible.

Visitors to Lydia Trull

AT this time no one is permitted into the school except students and staff.

More information will be sent to parents regarding picking up your child if the student is sick. We recommend that all unscheduled pick-ups/drop offs, etc. be limited.

CALL THE SCHOOL BEFORE YOU ARRIVE if you are coming at time other than regular drop off or pick up.

1. All visitors should have a scheduled appointment, even parents.

2. All visitors should report to reception and complete the attached Covid-19 Screening Login Sheet. These sheets must be kept in the office in case this information is requested by our local Public Health Units.

All visitors are required to wear a medical grade mask inside the school. They can wear their own mask coming into the building, but if it is a non-medical grade mask they are to be given a medical grade mask when signing in at the office.

When picking up or dropping off students to the yard, adults are asked to follow masking protocols and adhere to distancing guidelines as dictated by public health.

As we try to create minimal traffic on the school yard during entry and exit, families are asked to stand back from zones where classes will congregate to wait for your child. Follow all signage in order to locate your child's class and then make your way off of the school property.

Washrooms are restricted to all visitors during all times during the school day, and no one is permitted to enter the building except through the front office.

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HAND HYGIENE 101- Part A - Hand washing

Please review this with your children daily.


Hand hygiene will be an important part of school routines. We will have touchless sanitizers in key areas throughout all schools and every classroom will have hand sanitizer available for students. Signage at sinks and sanitizing stations will remind students about proper cleaning techniques. Time will be provided for handwashing and/or hand sanitizing throughout the school day. Thank you for continuously reviewing hand washing practice with your children.

Students and staff should perform hand hygiene:

Ø On arrival at school

Ø Before eating or drinking

Ø After using the washroom

Ø After playing outdoors

Ø When their hands are physically dirty

When they cough or sneeze
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Hand HYGIENE 101- Part B - Hand Sanitizer

Please review this with your children daily. Students will be permitted to have their own sanitizer, and sanitizer is available in various locations around the school.

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KPRDSB Masking Protocol

Students K-3 are not required to wear masks, but are encouraged to do so.

Student Grade 4-8 are required to wear masks at all times in common areas of the building.

Breaks will be built into our daily routine to allow students to remove their masks while being socially distanced from peers outside in the yard.

*** More documentation about this and further details will be by the school board with regard to masking protocols***

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Recess and Outside Breaks

Our school yard will be separated into marked areas where students will be able to play with their classmates, while following guidelines for social distancing.

Students will remain with their "cohort" or class wherever possible during the school day. Supervision will be in place to remind students of processes in order to support them becoming accustomed to our new rules.

Park use and equipment use are not permitted at this time.

Shared toys are not permitted at this time.

Some activities are being considered and prepared for out door play options.

Health and Safety at School


Students will not be permitted to sign out at this time for lunch. This measure is being taken to ensure the safety and protection of all.


- there will be a lot of signage around the building on the walls and floors

- staff will review these signs with students and the expectation is that ALL students and staff follow the signage in order to ensure safety


- please send students with a clearly labelled water bottle

- there will be water filling stations, but water fountains will not be permitted for use

- the school has a limited store of waterbottles for use


Students will NOT be able to leave the school property at this time for lunch

- boomerang lunch (all garbage will go home with students at the end of the day)

- litter-less lunch will be required as much as possible to reduce students moving around the classroom

- practice opening and closing items sent to school with students in order to reduce contact between supervision staff and students, as well as opening items for students such as containers.

Bathroom access

- students will have access to the bathroom each day, though limited numbers are permitted in the washrooms at one time

- students are to follow all posted signs and follow all directions

- misuse of the washrooms will be followed up on by the office

Lining up/Dismissal from classes

- teachers and students will follow an order when entering and exiting the building

- flow of traffic will be careful to adhere to all routines, rules and procedures

- PLEASE SEE YOUR CHILD's teacher for direction during the first week of school about ENTRY AND EXIT PROCEDURES


Only one adult and one student are permitted on the elevator at a time.

Hand sanitizers are outside of the elevators on each floor for those using the elevator.


- Students will not be sharing any materials. We are providing each student with storage and supplies unless otherwise directed

- We will not be using hooks in our hallways at this time

- Please send your children in covered toes shoes as teachers will are planning to take them outside for physical education and body breaks every day.

- Please follow direction regarding indoor shoes from your child's teacher and ensure your child can independently put shoes on and take them off.

- CLEARLY LABEL all items sent from home as we will not be using the lost and found this year. Make sure to label reusable masks.



· Students will be reminded regularly of hand hygiene and distancing protocols, and this will be supported by signage in classrooms and throughout the school. Desks will be spread out and spaced away from other desks as much as possible

· All teachers and education support workers will be provided appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment)

· Tape will be used to help students remain appropriately distanced from the teacher’s desk

· Walking directions will be provided with visuals in the classroom to help students remain at a distance from each other

· Classes will be held outdoors as much as possible, especially physical education


· We have put signage all throughout our hallways/floors to indicate for students and staff the flow of circulation as well as visual reminders for handwashing, masks and physical distancing protocols

· The circulation flow and physical distancing will be monitored at all transition times

· Doors used by students to access the yard are identified with entrance only and exit only signs and will be propped open when students are entering and exiting the building as a class


  • Outdoor spaces will be utilized according to a staggered schedule to limit the number of students in the areas, allowing for better ability to physically distance
  • Primary grades, including grade 3/4, will have their recess at a different time than the junior/intermediate grades for the time being
  • We have painted a lines to indicate where different cohorts will have their recess
  • Students will be given instruction on which areas they are allowed to use
  • Kindergartens will be in the pen area during their recess
  • Teachers will be using outdoor spaces as much as possible for students’ learning
  • Families are restricted to dropping off at on the school yard due to COVID-19 restrictions, please leave the yard as soon as supervision on the yard is evident.
  • Families may not be on the yard before school or after school to play at this time.

Mental Health and Well-being

There are many resources that our staff will use to support the health and well-being of students. KPRDSB has resources for families, which you may choose to review here.

Additionally, Durham Public Health has resources for parents here.

Through our weekly newsletters, Lydia Trull will share information as it becomes available, and many which are already posted and available at the above sites to support families returning to school.

Staggered Entry - September 14-18

On Monday September 14th and Wednesday September 16th students in grade 1-8 with the last names (indicated by homeroom) will attend school:

Stolarek: A to Jes

Kellington: A to Mu

Cocek-Barclay: A to Ko

Muir: A to Fo

Babarinde: A to Go

Hargrove: A to Mu

Rae: A to Hu and those with last names beginning with Mu only

Moyer – A – Mu


Families of students with the last names below (indicated by homeroom) in grades 1-8 will attend on Tuesday September 15th and Thursday September 17th.

Stolarek: Mc-Z

Kellington: Sa-Z

Cocek-Barclay: La-Z

Muir: Ha-Z

Barbinde: Ha- Z

Hargrove: Ol-Z

Rae: Ke - Z

Moyer: Pi-Z

Students in LLS will attend every day beginning September 14th 2020 or with special arrangements made directly with teachers.

Families of our Kindergarten students have already been contacted by their teacher for visits and have been given a time to visit during the week of the 14th.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school to speak to your child's teacher.



· All schools are implementing Pandemic Cleaning protocols to support healthy, safe school facilities. Pandemic Cleaning Mode includes the increased cleaning and disinfecting of all high touch surfaces in schools - three times per day

· High touch surfaces include: washrooms (e.g. toilet fixtures, faucets), eating areas (e.g. tables, sinks, countertops), doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, touch screens, push buttons, handrails, computers, photocopiers, and other equipment

· In addition, we are taking the following steps:

Ø Using electrostatic disinfectant sprayers

Ø Increasing the number of custodians to ensure high priority cleaning takes place; and

Ø Maintaining open, ongoing communication with public health officials

· At the end of each school day, an afternoon shift of custodial workers will come in, to thoroughly clean schools to ensure a safe environment for students the next day

Lydia Trull P.S.

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