* Instructed 1,069 students on how to access Keystone Online Resources

* Added comfortable furniture for students to read and relax

* Weeded over 6,800 old books from our library

* Added 1,289 new books to our shelves for students

* Added 15 new lap tops for students to use

* Added 5 new computer search stations for students

* Planned and hosted the schools Battle of the Books competition

* Planned and ran the districts Battle of the Books competition

* Planned the My Summer is Booked reading initiative

* Trained over 1,000 teachers and students on the Destiny program

* Trained over 1,000 teachers and students on the Web Path Express program

* Collaborated with 8/15 Lang Arts teachers in their classroom for research projects

* Added 95 eBooks to the library

* Added 30 QR Codes for students to access books

* Participated in the Building Leadership Team meetings on every Wednesday

* Participated in the Building Technology Team meetings on every other Thursday

* Helped para staff with over approx. 600 books circulated each week

* Updated the book room to over 1,400 books for teachers to have access to multiple copies

* Created an Instagram account @ermslibrary for families to follow

* Library Orientation for all 6th Grade Language Arts classes

* eBooks Activity offered each round

* Involved in getting LCD projector mounted in the back of the library for class use

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On April 1, 2015, 90 students participated in the School Battle of the Books competition. Teams were required to read 10 award winning titles depending on their grade level. One team from each grade advanced to the District Battle on May 8, 2015.
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Reading March Madness

86 students participated in this reading initiative. They read 16 books and voted on an Excel Survey each week in March. We used the same concept as the basketball brackets that are popular for March Madness.

Collection Statistics

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Current Library Statistics

Total checkouts this year- 35,766 books

Total holds placed on books- 2,049

Total circulation to other schools- 196 books

Number of books available to students- 11,555

Average age of collection (Fiction)- 2006

Average age of collection (Non-Fiction)-2007

Lost books- 226

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Fall Book Fair Data

Total Sales- $5,333.60

Scholastic Dollars Earned- $2,666.80

Spring Book Fair Data

Total Sales- $4,049.76

Scholastic Dollars Earned- $2,024.88


Budget- $8,300 General Funds/ $4500 Damaged & Lost Books Funds ($12,800 Total)

Purchases- $12,649

Goals for 2015-2016 School Year

* Increase collaboration with classroom teachers

* Continue to add more technology to the library

* Continue to add more eBook titles

* Increase eBook checkouts

* Continue to build up the Book Room

* Use One Note in collaboration with other district TLs to build and share a library of lessons

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The video above shows what a typical day of traffic in the library looks like.