Ayn Rand

A Biography

Early Life

She was born on February 2nd, 1905. In St. Petersburg, Russia. When she was 6 she had taught herself to read and by the time she was 8 she had already discovered her fictional hero in a french magazine. She knew by the time she was 8 that she wanted to be a fiction writer. When she was 12 she had witnessed the first shots of the February Revolution.


Graduated from Yevpatoria High School in 1921. She then enrolled in Petrograd State Univeristy. She also graduated from Leningrad State University, then enrolled in State Technicum for Screen Arts.

Major Life Events

In 1905 she was born in St. Petersburg

In 1911 she taught herself to read

In 1913 she attended the first motion picture exhibition

In 1914 she decided to become a writer

In 1917 she witnessed the first shot of the February Revolution

In 1918 she decided to rely on Victor Hugos' writing to get her through the Civil War

In 1927 she was hired by DeMille as a junior screen writer

In 1931 she became a U.S. citizen

In 1946 her book Anthem was first published in the United States

In 1969 she began teaching a nonfiction class, she witnessed the launch of Apollo 11

In 1982 Died in New York City

Her Personal Philosophy

She believed greatly in Objectivism.

"My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." - Ayn Rand

Objectivism holds that there is no greater moral goal than achieving happiness.

Her Books

1936 - We the living

1938 - Anthem

1943 - The Fountainhead

1957 - Atlas Shrugged

1964 - The Virtue of Selfishness

1966 - Capitalism: The Unkown Ideal

1982 - Philosophy: Who Needs It

1969 - The Romantic Manifesto

+ many more

Ayn Rand: The Queen of Controversy

My Opinion about Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was someone who had a lot of different kinds of experiences. She could be someone that I look up to because she was so determined to make her choice of career come true. I also really like how unique her personal philosophy was, It is something that could be interpreted different kinds of ways and that is what I like most about it. I also like how she introduced and elaborated on the liberal world to her readers. I can relate my best classes with hers and the type of classes she excelled in, because in middle school she decided to be a writer but she was best in math class. When she was in University she studied history, and minored in philosophy and literature. She did all of these things while still wanting to be a writer. I can relate to this because I like learning all of the subjects in school while I only want to be one certain thing when I grow up.