Conn-Selmer French Horns

Cultural Geography, Globalization.


Conn-Selmer instruments originate in the USA. They were first made in Elkhart, Indiana.

Brief Applause: Creating Brass at Conn-Selmer

Conn-Selmer products from the factory to the stage, explanation of the exact process that these instruments go through.


Globalization is the interdependence of countries with economical, technological, environmental, and cultural elements.


Economic use in globalization is how countries economies depend on each others. Each economy needs the other to better themselves with trade. Countries economies have changed much because after trade with other countries they are now more wealthy and have better imports.

Problems with economies have many countries in debt now more than ever. The US alone is in debt for over $61,000,000,000,000. One way we can try to keep ourselves from getting in more debt is to stop sending soldiers to other countries when it is not our business.


Technological use in globalization is the wide spread use of the internet and many newer products that help our world prosper. Due to new technologies we have become a more connected world and a lot of things come from the fact that we can use these new technologies for things that were not possible before.

A problem we have faced due to advancing technology is the new type of technology that have been created. Many countries have been creating new types of phone and computers and such but there is also new technology for weapons that may be being created.


The environment has changed much due to globalization, much like how our cities have changed because of newer technologies. Each countries environment may be changed due to clear cutting or drilling for oil or pollution trying to produce more products for trade.

There are many environmental problems occurring right now. We are still drilling for oil because we need those resources. There is also a lot of pollution due to us burning fossil fuels. If we work together to fix this problem there is a good chance that we could stop polluting the earth. There are alternatives to all of the products we use that cause pollution and if each country could communicate to put together ways to solve this problem then we may have a healthier world and future generations.


Culture is involved in globalization because each countries culture has influenced may other places now. Food, music, even way of life have traveled from culture to culture due to globalization. In the US we listen to many types of music that have come to us from other cultures because of globalization.

Many cultures seem to be consuming others due to immigration of just the population of that culture already there. You can see many different cultures in the US because we are what we are from other countries coming to settle North America. Nowadays the US is a mix of many cultures but we seem to be Americanizing the rest of the world. That is definitely a problem because if each culture takes in to many of our cultures then there will not be as much of a variety and we will lose many of the old world cultures.

Map of The United States of America

My Daily Life

Globalization has effected my life in many ways. If it weren't for globalization I would not have the technologies that I have or the social websites. I am on my phone 24/7 and that technology is around because of globalization. I use new technologies everyday.