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January 2020

Welcome Back to 2nd Semester of 2019-2020 School Year!

This semester is full of exciting opportunities for you to enjoy a great book, and share your readings with others! Why not start at the library to check out the new books? Or, ask your teachers for book recommendations, they love it when you do!

What to read during the second semester of school? ¿Que leer durante el segundo semestre de clases?

How about a Reading Challenge? Here's an idea: ¿Por que no hacer un reto de lectura? Aquí tienes algunas ideas:

February - Febrero

A biography - Una biografía

March - Marzo

A classic - Un clásico

April - Abril

A book based on a true story

Un libro basado en una historia real

May - Mayo

Come check them out from our library, we have them all!

Featured biography

American Like Me: Reflections of Life Between Cultures

Listen to author America Ferrera talk about he book American Like me, a collection of essays that relay the challenges and barriers that immigrants, children of immigrants and indigenous people confront when asserting their American identity. Reflections on Life Between Cultures

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921 - Biographies

Our biography section is located non-fiction area of the library. The call number is 921 and the books are organized by alphabetical order.

The sección de biografías esta en el are de no-ficción. El numero es 921 y los libros están organizados por orden alfabético


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Blind Date with a Book!

There are no awkward questions, no forced conversation, no judgmental looks, no need to call back. Just have a bland date with a book! Sure, it might turn out to be a dud, or it could be a diamond in the rough you wouldn't have given a chance otherwise. There's no knowing until you check it out .....

Receive a reward for having the most Blind Dates with Books! More details in the library.

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