Nuremberg Trials

Crimes Against Peace and People

Martin Bormann

In 1925 Martin Bormann joined the Socialist Party. He was active in the party's rise to power. Bormann became Hitler's Chief of State and was very close to him. Bormann started out as a "minor" Nazi but grew to have a position of power. In the end, he had a lot of influence over Adolf Hitler. In 1942, his powers were extended to give him control over all of the laws that Hitler made.

Martin Bormann was charged with war crimes and crimes against people.

Bormann spent a lot of time mistreating Jews and causing problems for churches in Germany and other conquered countries. He signed orders that would eliminate Jews and allowed "ruthless force" in the special camps. He also signed orders that took away Jew's protection. Bormann was very involved in the slave labor program also.

On Oct. 6, 1945, Bormann and 11 others were charged with crimes. Bormann was indicted on three counts of war crimes and crimes against people. The charges were:

Count 1-Conspiracy to commit charges 1, 2, and 3

Count 3-War crimes like violating internationally agreed upon rules for war

Count 4-Crimes against humanity like murder, extermination and enslavement

Bormann ended up going missing before the Nuremberg Trial started, but he was still put on trial. His lawyer said he was dead but there was not proof.

On Oct. 1, 1946, Bormann was found not guilty on Count 1, and guilty on Counts 3 and 4. He was sentenced to be hanged but since he was missing that didn't happen.

Bormann did not pay for his crimes!

The Consequences Fit the Crime.

I think that the punishment of death was a good sentence. Millions of innocent people died because of Hitler, Bormann and the others. They definitely deserved to die. I think hanging was not a bad enough way to die because they made the Jewish people suffer so much. I think they should have suffered a lot too because of what they did. A good punishment to me would have been for all of them to get put into a camp, so they could feel what it is like to suffer like the Jews.