Thursday's Thoughts

May 4, 2017

World Without Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week begins Monday, May8th. :-)

Next Week

Because our writing plan has been so very successful, we need to work on a plan for spelling/word study as well. At our last meeting with Stacey, we all discussed spelling and noted what we thought spelling should look like. I have selected one person from each grade level to meet with me Tuesday to look at options for spelling/word study so that we can begin in August with a school wide plan for spelling/word study. This plan will be in line with our K-2 report cards and will be clear and consistent among grade levels. The spelling/word study committee is as follows:




R. Cothran


C. Hughes

P. Cannon


Please plan to meet with me Tuesday, at 3:15 in the library.

We need a lot of help in our reading garden. In lieu of a meeting for those of you not on the spelling committee, please plan to complete the task(s) assigned to you next week. You can work in the garden at any time next week. Because we all love the garden area, let's all help bring it back to life. Gardening tasks are below:

K5: Put out pine needles. Begin in the reading area with the big chair. If you have enough left over, move to vegetable area.

1st: Pine needles around trees and bird bath area

2nd and Jane: Shovel sand off of walkway, clean and rake sand in fossil dig area, plant flowers in black pot.

3rd and Beth: Plant flowers in the SCRegions area.

4th: Put soil in vegetable boxes and plant vegetables in boxes

5th: Clean/rake Zen Garden sand area, plant vegetables in cages.

Relateds: Weed corner area near door leading to 2nd grade hallway and spray path with white stones with Roundup

Special Ed.: Pull Weeds

Admin.: Purchase materials, cut grass, and place pine needles around bird bath area

Thank you for all of your help with this area. I hope you will make plans to eat lunch outside and read to your students in this area after we get it all cleaned up. :-)

iPad Collection

The time has come for us to collect iPads from students. All students need to have their iPads at school with the chargers by next Friday, May 12th. I will send you a form for you to check off if the student needs a charger so that we can make sure we have replaced anything that needs to be replaced prior to August. For information purposes, a cable is $9 and the cable with brick is $17. Please include this information in your newsletters so that all students and parents are aware of the due date and pricing should they need replacements. You will take the iPads up in your classrooms. We will deliver tubs and envelopes to your rooms for collection purposes. We will pick up tubs the following Tuesday and store them for the summer. Also, Kristen Hearne will be sending out a video for you to show to your students. Let me know if you have questions.

Lots to Do!

August and May are always the busiest months of the school year. I have tried to think of ways to make it easier, but I think we are just going to have to keep keeping on. Take note of the following:

1. Please update your SLO with ending levels/scores as you finish. We will meet individually to discuss your SLO. I will send you an email with your meeting date and time.

2. Continue completing your profile cards. Extra profile cards are in the conference room if you need them. Please pick up the number you need from there.

3. Because you know your students so well along with their levels, abilities, behaviors, etc., please work with your grade level to organize your profile cards into groups. The number of groups are below:

K5: 4

1st: 5

2nd: 5

3rd: 5

4th: 5

5th: 5

In fourth and fifth grades, I would like for you to place all students with IEP's and all of your LAUNCH students into one group. Let me know if you have questions. Please have your cards in groups to me by May 30th.

June 7th and 8th

Our summer academy is June 7th and 8th. You will leave this professional development with your first twenty days lesson plans. Make sure you have made plans to attend.


Make sure you have your contract to Reggie by tomorrow afternoon.

Teacher of the Year and Staff of the Year

Please place your ballots for Teacher of the Year and Staff of the Year in the box outside of my office by tomorrow at 3:00. Thanks!


There was some discussion at our Principal's meeting about teacher attendance this week. You have your twelve days a year to use if needed. We were given a report of staff that missed 10 or more annual days and those missing 10 or more combined days (annual, school business, staff development). For our staff, 14 of our teachers have missed 10 or more annual days. I have always told you that these are your days to use as your family is first, you will be sick, and there will be events that you need to attend. With this in mind, always remember that a substitute teacher cannot do what you do. Our attendance is just as critical as our student's attendance. I need you here because every minute counts in moving our kids forward!

Upcoming Dates:

May 5th: TOY/SOY due by 3:00

May 9th: Spelling/Word Study committee meeting at 3:15

May 8th-12th: Grade level work in reading garden

May 12th: iPads due in classrooms

May 15th: Bookfair Opens

May 17th: Bookfair open until 5:00

May 22nd: F & P Levels due

May 25th: PHS Graduation Day

May 25th: Annie Performance at 6:30. Please make plans to attend!

May 26th: Last Day of Testing! :-)

May 29th: Memorial Day

May 30th: Profile Cards Due

May 30th: K5 Celebration at 8:30

May 31st: Field Fling Day (Field Day and Spring Fling combined)

Happy Friday!