African Lions

Rulers of the Jungle

Classification order and habitat

Classification order- Animalia, Chordata, Mamalia, Carnivoria, felidae, panthera, P.Leo

  • Related to Tigers, Leapards & Jaguars
  • They can live anywhere around the African desert or grasslands
  • In a lion group the males eat first while the females hunt, and group of lions is called a lion pride

Diet and Features

They are carnivores,

  • They eat deer, boar, & etc
  • They can weigh all the weigh up to 265- 420lb
  • a lions tail can be 4.5- 6.5 in long----------
  • They can run as fast as 30mph and jump as far as 36 feet
  • Lions cannot climb trees but can climb mountains

Other facts

  • Lions are the 2nd largest animal
  • The biggest recorded lion weighed at 826lb
  • lions don't have any real predators except for humans