Did You Know?

Barren River Imaginative Museum of Science


  • Opened in 1994 with 20 exhibits and have grown to over 100 exhibits
  • Visits school classrooms and presents programs to students in the 10 county area
    surrounding Bowling Green, By 2001, We had visited 800 students so far. We have had over 100,000 visits since the program began and more than double that number in contacts with students and teachers. (ref. 2001 hand on flyer.)
  • In 2002 had 4429 visitors and presented programs to over 1800 students (Newsletter in 2002)
  • By January 2003, 37000 visitors and over 23000 students visited in the classroom - over 50 exhibits (ref. Letter from Pearl Taylor to Sponsors)
  • By april 2004, over 45000 visitors and over 26000 students visited in the classroom - over 60 exhibits (ref Letter from Chuck Phillips to Sponsors)
  • Annually sponsors the regional bridge building tournament previously held at Stupp Bridge Co. Our students have previously placed in the top 10 in the international competition.
  • Presents programs for Boy Scouts„ Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Daisy Scouts. Also summer
    camps for YMCA School summer sessions and clubs in the BRADD District.
  • Partnered with WKU SkyTEACH for Fantastic Fridays in 2009 and 2010 to provide a summer learning experience for teachers and students
  • Annually judges science programs, PTO programs
  • Hosts the April Open House as a free day for the public annually
  • Takes programs on force, Magnets, Eclipses, Seasons and What is science to
    schools in Warren County and Bowling Green
  • Provides a newsletter quarterly to patrons of the museum
  • Offers programs to Civic clubs, Senior Citizens, Day Care and Church groups.
  • Annually Supports the with programs for "Stand up for Kids", DARE, "Back
    to Days", and Science day at schools
  • Supported the Humane Society, The Soap Box Derby, and various School programs
    with passes to BRIMS.
  • Established BLT booklets to help schools in Writing for KERA testing programs.
  • Is one of 250 Hands On Science Museums in the World
  • Hosted Summer Programs for Gifted and Talented, WKU, Upward Bound, and the Parks
    and Recreation Department