The Giver

By: Lowis Lowry


The "Giver" Is mainly about a boy name Jonas who became the receiver of memory. At the beginning of the book Jonas is 12. Later on he was chosen to be the receiver of memory. When Jonas felt how cruel life were for everyone he then went on a journey to seek happiness.

Favorite character

In the novel my favorite character was Jonas. Jonas was the one to go out and find out how to bring life back normal for everyone in his community. Jonas had the courage to seek happiness. Even though his own friend Asher dumped him into a crazy river that didn't stop him from going where he needs to and taking gabe with him. That's sound pretty awesome if you ask me

Main Characters

Overall rating

I will give this book a 3 out of 5. It wasn't that interesting it was pretty dull and boring. And the ending was a bit off