Pinocchio lizards

By: Benji Van Doorn

family of pinoccio lizards

A. Barkeri, theres a blue variety of the lizards called A. Gorgonae, and even some on cliffsides called A. bartschi.

What Are Pinocchio lizards?

Pinocchio lizards have very long noses. They were thought to be extinct until 2005 when one was spotted crossing a road. Its real name is ecuadorian Horned anole.  They finally took a picture of one earlier this year.

When Were pinnochio lizards First found?

they were found in 1953 up intil now only five species of pinocchio lizards were found.

how did they stay hidden for so long?

some say that its because of they're camoflauge. Others say that its because that there's only a few left. both of them are right.