the best night ever! Prizes. Games. Prizes.....

There are only 3 more YL clubs this year..don't miss any!

This week we are celebrating all things ROCKBRIDGE. You could win - $50 off of the camp trip. $25 gift certificate for the camp store, All your food for free on the way to and from camp. $20 iTunes card. Summer Sun pack. YL swag and so much more!

SENIOR CLUB TUESDAY MAY 21 and it's a cook-out too. Starts at 7:00pm

LAST CLUB - Invite an 8th grader night - Monday June 3 7:00pm - another cook-out!

Monday, May 13th, 8-9:15pm

9727 Treyburn Ct

Ellicott City, MD

Get there early to get YOUR balloon with a ticket inside! Win extra tickets by bringing someone new--or by winning a game.....or by washing Luke's car (just kidding on the last one!)

AND the fun doesn't stop after CLUB!!!! We're going to SWEET FROG!

All day Monday, May 13 we are having a fund raiser at Sweet Frog in the St Johns Plaza. Mention YL and we get 20% of the proceeds!! Head there for lunch - if you have early dismissal or stop by after school. Buy. Buy. Buy. And Bring a Friend!