Stress Management

How to deal with stress

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Stress is something we all have, we dont like it, but its there, Some of us dont know how to deal with stress so here are some quick and easy ways to deal with stress

Some ways to deal with stress...

1) Listen to music

2) Go for a walk or jog

3) Take a nap (1-2 hours)

3) Stress ball

4) Watch a movie (1 movie, not Netflix)

5) Stay away from the stressor

6) Eat some fruits maybe an apple or two

7) Hang out with a friend

8) Go to the gym with a friend

9) Go swimming or go outside

10) Meditate or try yoga

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Some ways NOT to deal with stress...

1) Smoking or vaping

2) Cause fights

3) Using drugs

4) Procrastinating school work

5) Isolating your self

6) Sitting in front of the TV or computer all day

7) Driving around

8) Eating food

9) Running from your problems

10) Doing stupid things