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Goal Team Mid-Year Survey

Please make sure you complete the survey no later than this Friday, January 15th.

Early Memo This Week....

This has been a rough start to the new year, as we have had several students who have lost loved ones and the Disney family recently lost a 4th grade teacher. I think Mrs. Roffers said it best when she said, "Life is precious". Please make sure you are taking care of yourself and letting those you love know just how precious they are.

If you didn't notice, grade level team meetings are not on the calendar for January. I will be out for Leadership Academy this week, during the week that we would generally have GLTM's. Since we are meeting individually instead of as a grade level-please email me directly to set up a time for us to meet to review Tower. I know we have several out for PL this month and I want to meet at a time that is best for you. If you have specific questions you would like me to answer, please email those ahead of time so I can ensure that I have the answers for you when we meet. Please don't forget to call in a sub. for Tuesday the 19th, when Nichole Lemmon is here to do a Canvas training with staff.

Alison Roffers will be Lead Teacher on Wednesday & Thursday and Mandy will be Lead Teacher on Friday. Please see Alison or Mandy if you have problems while I am out. Thank you for handling minor discipline issues in your room on these days.


Have a great week, and don't forget how valuable you are and what a difference you make in the lives of every student in your classroom every day!

P.S. Don't forget to nominate a volunteer of the year below! The deadline is Tuesday by noon!

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Sequiota Technology Inventory

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Where do I start...Jaimie is not only flexible but does a phenomenal job of balancing 15 classroom teachers schedules and managing to create her own, while keeping everyone else happy and all the while doing what's best for her kids. Jaimie builds relationships with her students that go far beyond school. Jaimie will often have students come back to visit her, even as high school students. Jaimie is a strong advocate for her students and will see them extra or when they are struggling with anything. Jaimie has a great sense of humor and makes all of us laugh daily! Jaimie is collaborative and has trained many other SPED teachers and supported and helped them grow, even when they were no longer at Sequiota. Jaimie makes every student feel like they are the most important person in her life. Jaimie is a lifelong learner, and is always trying to better herself or her practice. I think the parents summed Jaimie up in the email below that they sent to Dr. Jungmann and I:

Here is a portion of an email that was sent to Dr. Jungmann on Jaimie's behalf:

My wife and I have built a great relationship with Mrs Keyes as well and have had 100% trust in her talents and dedication to be a permanent positive reflection to my daughters continued education. It is something we will never be able to repay Mrs Keyes for. You just cannot put a dollar amount on it. So for whatever it is worth to Mrs Keyes, Mrs Magers staff at Sequiota and the Springfield Public Schools, I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding Mrs Keyes and how lucky we are, as well as her other students and SPS, to have a stand up, dedicated, caring and talented educator like Mrs Keyes. She has been a blessing to our daughter and it pains me to change my daughters current scenario. Mrs. Keyes has been a one-of-a-kind influence in our daughters lives and we will be forever thankful that she was an enormous part of Ana's life.

Jaimie's song: Steve and I chose this song because students come to Mrs. Keyes feeling weary and very small and Mrs. Keyes drys their tears and picks them up when they are down and out. Jaimie is irreplaceable-your students love you and so do we. THANK YOU for being you and supporting all of us!

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live 1969)

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