Daciana is a young Romanian who graduated a University abroad and during her last summer holiday she is returning home to marry. She invited some of her friends/colleagues from the university and among them is Michael, also a Romanian, but born abroad. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed to be a bride dressed in traditional Romanian costumes and to organize her wedding ceremony in a traditional way, preserving cultural heritage related to this kind of events, after the model of Queen Mary of Romania. The host, grand grandmother of the future bride is organizing a sitting evening for completing her niece’s dowry. The traditional wedding costumes are prepared for the next week event with the help of the local artisans. Local people, relatives and friends - and guests (like Michael) are invited to the evening sitting where old local special events are narrated/remembered by the participants.

The main theme of the evening is The Great Unification of Romanian provinces.
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Play the Game “BETWEEN HISTORY AND PRESENT - A DAY IN THE CITADEL” and reveal the evidence! Do you want some help? Download the DIVERTIMENTO iBook chapter for Romania – “The People’s Verdict - Romania’s Great Unification, Alba Iulia, 1-st of December 1918“(http://divertimento.unicity.eu/index.php/ebook-eurothentic).