Chapter 5: Verbal Messages

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Caroline Sladic, Jacqueline Bounds, Joy Wells, Claire Howie, Yuridia Suchil

Assignment 1

Antisocial and Prosocial Deception

    • Cady exhibits antisocial deception in order to hurt Regina’s reputation.

    • Gretchen and Karen are exhibiting prosocial deception to make Regina feel better about herself

Best of Weight Gain - Regina George

Disconfirming Behavior

  • Matilda's parents are engaging in other activities (looking at themselves in the mirror, getting ready, etc.) while she is speaking with them
  • Matilda's dad goes on a rant/monologue and disregards what she says
  • Matilda exhibits verbal silence as her brother makes fun of her and throws things at her
  • All of these are examples of disconfirming behavior
Matilda and her parents


  • The parents can't speak to each other because they don't want their kids to hear what they are talking about
  • They have to figure out what the other one is trying to say using reasoning and context clues, which are called inferences
Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Beefaroni

Assignment 2


Physical Effects Caused By Emotion

According to The Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota, there are many physical effects that negative or mis-managed emotions can have on us.

  1. New scientific research shows that chronic stress can decrease our lifespan by shortening telomeres in our DNA which are responsible for aging.
  2. Poorly managed anger can cause hypertension, or high blood pressure.
  3. Repressed stress and anger can cause digestive disorders.
  4. Chronic stress can upset the body's balance and deplete the brain chemicals required for happiness.
  5. According to, negative emotions can also impact your emotional health physically through:
  6. Insomnia or trouble sleeping through the night.
  7. A stiff neck due to the build-up of stress.
  8. Weight Loss or Gain stemming from negative emotions.
  9. Overall poor emotional health can weaken your immune system, which makes you more likely to get colds or infections.

The Comic Below

The Comic posted above is an example of emotional ineptitude. The co-worker speaking is not showing social intelligence and is flat-out stating to another co-worker's face that she is annoyed by every other person in the office (including the one she is speaking to!).
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Emtionally tone deaf

Simon's Meanest Moments - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

Strategic Emotions

When using emotions strategically doesn't work.
Airline UK-French lady cries and has tantrum

Assignment 3

Over-Disclosing on Social Media

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Backhanded compliment

Kelly Osbourne ask Donald Trump who would clean your toilets if Latinos leave. ouch.

Selena Gomez accepting a compliment/ award

Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Selena Gomez wins Choice Music Group