WHY: To think carefully about our learning.

To think about our emotions - how these affect ourselves and others.

SIGNS OF SUCCESS: We can reflect on our learning and discuss what we have learned.

We can control our emotions and know what to do when we feel upset, excited, stressed or tired.


Welcome to the end of week five of term 4! This is the mid point of the last term of the year and it is a reminder that when we look at the calendar, we have a lot to fit in between now and the end of the year!

At this time of term 4 we begin to see a lot of anxiety from our Year 6 kids as they begin to think about next year and being away from Vogeltown. We have planned some extra transition days to Highlands for some of our Year 6 students to help combat these fears.

The staff are busy putting the final touches on end of year summative reports. These are the culmination of your child's year at Vogeltown and will have 'no surprises' in them.

The syndicates are also meeting and planning classes for next year - these will be displayed on the reports when they come home and we will have a morning here when the kids will get to visit their new classroom teacher for 2020.

There will be a lot of dates and notices coming home over the next 4 weeks as we plan lots of fun end of year activities - we will update these on the school calendar as well. We will make sure that we communicate with our families on many levels.

Teacher Only days 2020

As you may be aware, as part of the recent Teacher NZEI union contract negotiations with the government there are eight Teacher Only Days to be taken over the next three years. We realise this impacts our families.

We are working together with Highlands Intermediate, and other contributing schools to Highlands, to make sure our Teacher Only days in 2020 are on the same days, making it easier for our families in 2020.

The first Teacher Only Day in 2020 will be on Friday 7th February - the day after Waitangi Day. The second will be on Friday 20th March - this will be used for Learning Conferences.

The third day will be on Friday 31st July.

We are letting you know in advance so you can sort work leave required and organise your kids for these days.


On Wednesday 27th November at 6pm, we will be having our whole school production! This production has been written and choreographed and is being performed by the kids of Vogeltown!

It is a story about a famous rock in the Huatoki river called 'Paetoki'. It is a show with a bit of everything - singing, dancing, local legend and of course 'cuteness'. The end result of this production is that our syndicates will have new names in 2020 - local names that are a part of our legend. We will also be able to officially name this special rock, having received endorsement from our local hapu.

The kids and teachers are working really hard to make this an amazing evening. We will be performing this production outside on the senior front courts - hopefully the weather is fine! The postponement day is the next day - Thursday 28th November.

More information will be coming home next week about start times, holding rooms, costumes etc.

As part of this evening we are going to have a whanau hui before the production at 5.30pm in the new classroom at the senior school. We are asking any of our Maori whanau to come along to this hui. We will be confirming at this hui that the Vogeltown 'values' that we have been seeking feedback back on over the year, align with our whanau.


A huge thanks to all those parents/caregivers and whanau who gave us great feedback around the values we should have at Vogeltown for our community and the learning dispositions of our kids.

We received 121 responses in Term 1 and 124 responses in Term 3. We took all the responses and took out the keywords that came through from both terms - combined them in to a 'wordle'. In a 'wordle' the words that are the biggest are the key words that are mentioned the most often. See the 'wordle' below.

Our next is step is to confirm these values with our whanau - then put them in to practice. If you have any feedback you would like to give us, please see Mr George or Mr O.

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We were super lucky with the weather yesterday, as our Huatoki tour guides lead the Huatoki Domain open day.

The domain is a special place for our school and community and we are very lucky to have this on our back doorstep. We are also lucky to have a great working relationship with Bill Clarkson and the Huatoki Domain Conservation group.

Yesterday the tour guides did us proud and showed around some of the New Plymouth public and then showed around some of our classes! Tu Meke, guides!

A big thanks to Bill Clarkson and Mrs Seed who organise this day and make it the success it is!


Next Friday 22nd November we are celebrating our whanau and our new whanau 'mascots' by having a 'Whanau T-Shirt day'. We are asking all the kids to wear their Whanau T-Shirt or the colour of their whanau. We will take some great photos of the day - especially at assembly when we celebrate Miss Bleasdale's registration as a 'fully fledged' teacher!

The new whanau mascots have been designed by the Class Reps - with the help of an artist. You can see the mascots on the new whanau boards and we will be getting some new flags for our whanau's in 2020.


It is with absolute reluctance that the Vogeltown Board of Trustees accept Mrs Parker's letter of resignation from the end of 2019.

Mrs Parker is taking her retirement as of 2020 - to spend more time with her husband Frank and her grandkids!

Mrs Parker is a legend of Vogeltown and has been here for a long time - we are all a bit concerned as to how we are going to continue here without her!

On Friday December 13th (Black Friday!) we are having a farewell assembly for Mrs Parker. This is going to be a 'This is Your Life at Vogeltown' type of assembly. Any parents/caregivers and whanau who would like to come along to this assembly are more than welcome! The assembly will begin at 11.30am in the hall.


To assist the school with preparation for 2020, please inform the office of any students who may be starting or leaving that we may not already know about.

Please note, if you have a student who is transitioning to an intermediate or year 7 - 13 school in 2020 we advise you to check that the enrolment has been received and accepted by that school. This is especially important for schools that have an enrolment scheme in place. Thanks heaps!


Term 1 2020 Sports

Registrations for Term 1 sports will be available from next week. Please keep an eye out on facebook and in the newsletter for updates. Sports available to play are:

  • Touch Rugby: Played at Bell Block on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • Cricket: Kiwi & Incrediball cricket (Yr1-4) played on a Friday evening.
  • Summer Soccer: Played at Merrilands Domain on a Tuesday evening.
  • Inline Hockey: Played on a Thursday evening and is dependant on numbers

Term 4 Summer Sports Draws: All summer sports draws are now loaded on our website on the sports page. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/sports/

Cancellations: Any cancellations for term 4 sports can be found on the following links:

Touch: City Touch Facebook page

Netball: Netball Taranaki Website or Facebook page

Summer Soccer: NP Rangers Facebook page

Hockey: Taranaki Hockey Facebook page or Website

Cricket: Taranaki Cricket Facebook page or Website


The SKY Sport Breakers are returning to TSB stadium to take on the Sydney Kings on Friday 17 January 2020! This is a fantastic chance for your family to see quality, international-level sport right here in New Plymouth.

We are also very lucky at Vogeltown School, because our winning Yr5/6 basketball team are playing the curtain raiser to this game against Fitzroy School!

There'll be fun activities to keep the kids entertained before the game too. Perfect for Xmas, children's tickets are only $20 (plus booking fees) and family passes are only $95 (plus booking fees). Tickets available from Ticketek.co.nz, 0800 Ticketek and TSB Showplace.

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TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


19 November - Road Patrollers reward day (at the Aquatic centre)

22 November - Whole School Assembly 9:00am (Rm 8)

27 November - School Production night!


3 December - BOT Mtg 6:30pm

6 December - Whanau Athletics day

6 December - Four Year Old Friday

6 December - Vogeltowner Awards assembly
9 December - Vogeltown 'helpers' morning tea

16 December - Yr 6 leavers assembly 11.30am (for the school)

16 December - Yr 6 leavers assembly evening (for family and whanau)

18 December - Last day of 2019. School finishes at 3pm


3 February - Term 1 starts (Woohoo)

6 February - Waitangi Day

7 February - Teacher Only Day (School closed)


A big thanks to Tania Stockman who organised and sorted all the calendar orders this week. A big thanks to our community who have ordered $1600 profit from the sale of calendars! Thanks heaps!

The Home and School committee, Mrs Parker and Mrs Hay have also been working hard to provide each classroom a 'Lockdown bucket' (see photo below).

This bucket will only be used in an emergency for the classroom if we have to go in to lockdown. We have taken the ideas that the schools in Christchurch learnt from the horrible Mosque attack last year.

A big thanks to the Home and School for the monetary support for these Lockdown buckets.

Nga mihi

Vogeltown Home & School Whanau

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1) Hats - all kids need to have a 'bucket hat' at Vogeltown School. The sun is beginning to get hot and burn times are increasing. Thanks.

2) If you are in the school over the weekend, please respect and look after our playgrounds and fields. The tennis nets are up, the basketball goals are looking good, there is new bark on the playground and extra sand in the sandpits!

3) Just a reminder that we have a teacher only day on Friday 7 February 2020 - the day after Waitangi Day. School will be closed on this day.

Thanks whanau

Good luck to all our Vogeltowners playing summer sport this week and this weekend. Play hard, play fair, enjoy!

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal



The 2019 Christmas Foodbank Food Drive is taking place on Monday 2nd December from 5.30pm until late and we are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible about this community event. We would appreciate your support in spreading the word to the school whanau and beyond!.

All donations are distributed back into our community to families and people in need throughout 2020; donations of non-perishable food items and/or household products will be greatly received.

The food drive takes place in New Plymouth and Bell Block - the collection goes ahead RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE!!

During the drive donations can be left near the letterbox or front gate for collection or can be handed directly to our friendly volunteers as the collection teams drive around each neighbourhood. Sirens or music will be playing when they are in each area.

Help us to make this a successful drive and fill the foodbank shelves for the coming year!

Please give me a call or email if you have any questions.

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