March 2014 ERD!

Please join us on March 19th in the Media Center for...

11:45-12:00 We will start our events with lunch, celebrations, and a scavenger hunt!

  • Lunch/Announcements
  • Celebrations
  • Scavenger Hunt

12:00-12:25 TIme for Tier 2-1 Paperwork and FCRR Groups!

  • Tier 2-1 Paperwork
  • Changing FCRR Groups

March Early Release Day

Wednesday, March 19th, 11:45am-3:15pm

Scotts Elementary Media Center

12:25-1:30 Write On! From Retell to Writing!

1:40-3:00 March Math Madness

  • K-1: Andi Fernandez's Room-Math ideas, games, and strategies with Singapore Math!
  • 2-5: Brian Fernandez's Room-Singapore Math model drawing practice and strategies!