President Andrew Jackson

Zero Of The United States

150 slaves!!!!!

When Andrew Jackson passed away he had over 150 slaves. When he passed away the slaves went to his wife. It is cruel to have people who are considered property all humans are equal. The saves were treated very poorly, they were whipped and underfed

He Put Unqualified People In His Cabinet

Jackson was putting his valuable supporters in his cabinet, even though some were unqualified. Is that really what best for our country? No its not because the people will need to make important dissensions, and arn't qualified to make the correct one.

Trail Of Tears

The trail of tears was a treaty that forces all native Americans off there land, which had been given to them by a treaty. More that 1/4th of the native Americans died on there journey, they died by heat,cold,and starvation.

Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson