There are mountains almost everywhere

The west states

The West region is made up of the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The West climate is warm but in December they have some snow

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The West is located in the west corner of the USA

Did you know that in Colorado the Aspen trees have sunscreen on them.

Did you know Mudslides, wildfires, and earthquakes are common in the West Region. Volcanoes are also found in this section of the U. S.

Natural Resources in the West include gold, silver, copper, iron, oil, and trees.

The Mountain area has 6 states—Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado. They Rocky Mountains run through all of them.

The lowest point in the U.S. is Death Valley, California (282 feet below sea level). Mount McKinley, Alaska is the highest point in the U.S. (20,320 feet).

This region

I think that this region is the best because in the state Colorado there are so many mountains that are so beautiful.